Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Finished Objects.

So I finally got my finger out and finished some stuff and got around to taking pictures of it as well.
The fuzzy hat and scarf is for me. The scarf is not blocked as I liked the tubular effect.
The red set is for J for Christmas as is that cool dude Funky - the Monkey.

And the big news is I passed my course for this year .....Hoo...bloody....rah!!!!

I actually dreamt last night that for both parts I got 0% - so you can guess the state of my tummy when I checked on-line this a.m. to see if the result was there - butterflies with hobnail boots on - big uns.

Finally a F.O. for me. Posted by Hello

Wot you looking at matey? Posted by Hello

J's Xmas Baby Cashmerino scarf set - still need to block the scarf. Posted by Hello

Here's J's Christmas 'Funky' Monkey - I've just got to knit the tail. Posted by Hello

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Here's our oldest spider, our first one, this is Fluffy - he's a pink toe - cute nail polish! Posted by Hello

Here's our newest baby - Boris - he's a rainbow of colour. Posted by Hello

Here's another view of Fifi - check out her fangs. Posted by Hello

Here's a picture of Fifi our Mexican Red Knee, she's a little over 2 years and a bit fiesty. Posted by Hello

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Adventures in weaving

This week I have been mostly weaving (if you never watched The Fast Show - this joke is wasted on you!) Below are pictures - of my new toy (early Xmas/Birthday present from ML) and my first efforts/attempt. I don't think it's too bad and boy did I have fun...I loves it I do!

Please excuse the early Xmas decorations - it's a long story - but we had to get something else out of the attic, the decorations were in the way, J saw them and the rest is history....please don't put them back in the attic Mum etc etc etc - so now they are up, much too early for my liking, but J is ecstatic!!

I'm off to find more wool from my stash, as this evening I want to warp it up again (no Scotty references, thank you very much!) and have another go.


Here's one of my bears Mr LeRoy Brown wearing my first ever completed woven project - a scarf. Posted by Hello

Here's some weaving in progress - (still have my L plates!) Posted by Hello

This is my new toy. A Rigid Heddle Loom. Posted by Hello

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Oh my.....what a week!

Here's the news in brief - I'm finally feeling better. Hurrah - still a bit husky though. I quit my course and re-registered for a new one - what a huge sense of relief. I'm a brunette again - too shy to post pics - as I look like a gorgon in every single picture taken of me. Finally I posted new piccies of my most recent completed sock and my fingerless mittens. Loads of other stuff but I'll have to post that when I have more time.

An Opal Magic sockee, wockee, doo-dah! Posted by Hello

My brand new, spanking fingerless mittens. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A close up, out of the box - please take note of the ad fab sock wool. Also these are my first solo dig camera piccies - so not very good. Posted by Hello

My parcel from my Secret Pal and it ROCKS!! Posted by Hello

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Friday, November 19, 2004

Hello world.

I'm finally starting to shrug off this cold. I still have a hacking cough but feel a little more human today. I was actually well enough to start knitting my fingerless gloves and do a few rows of Charlottes Web.

I've updated my blog a bit more - still a few more tweaks and stuff needed but almost there...perhaps I should post some links to other blogs.....if I can work out how. I'll ask my fellow Knitty's to send me an idiots guide.

S'later, Pxxxx

J with Touche Turtle and his giant microbe - Rhinovirus - so that's where I caught this cold from!! Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Updating my blog

Things are still a bit whoopsa daisy as I'm updating - so a few bits are missing. In the meantime I've posted a piccie of J's Turtle that I knitted for him from the World of Knitted Toys book. He's a total cutie and is already well loved.

J's turtley terrific turtle! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Catching up.

Life is very hectic (again) at the moment.

I did manage to knit J a Turtle though....I thought he'd like the spider monkey, but no, a Turtle no less, was his object of desire.

Tomorrow, might be a designated knitting day as the washing machine man is coming and their timings are legendary. Phone at 8.30am and we'll let you know what time he'll be there - ring, ring - 'Our engineer will be with you between 9 and 1 o'clock - only 4 hours then to sit about waiting for the door bell to ring then (if they're on time that is) - .

I am hating this years uni course - I thought the one I finished in Sept was dull but compared to this one, it was sparkling, bright and challenging, this one is full of P.C C***piness. I'm actually having to force myself to do it - not good - as I find it very easy to find ways to avoid studying.

Do you like the weather pixie? She's no good at the weather though - today she shows - sunshine and blue skies - it's grey, miserable and overcast - little pixie liar. It looks a bit like me though (she's cuter). And I'll have to change her to a brunette soon, as I'm fed with being a blonde and am going back to my natural dark brown, later this month - I do like to keep my hairdresser on her toes.

I'm still working out how to drive this blog thing- I want to put other stuff on my page but can't get my head around it - I'll have to ask ML - I might change my template too. Anyway that's about it for now, s'later.xxxx

Sunday, October 31, 2004


Happy halloween to you all (is there anybody there?)

I've not been around much lately. I've been so busy.

Finished loads of knitting though - 2 scarves, 3 beanies and a pair of mittens for a start.

J is going to a halloween party later and has decided to be a zombie werewolf - that'll challenge my face painting skills - M is going to, as a zombie gravedigger - the mind boggles. I'm hiding at home to make a spider cake for our own halloween celebratory tea tomorrow.

Once that cake is on the oven I'm going to sit back relax, knit, read or watch rubbishy tv - I should study really but nahhhh.

Monday, October 11, 2004


My brain hurts from so much reading, this years course seems to cover a huge amount of reading. I find as the subject matter is so riveting (lol) that my brain gets easily diverted. I was thinking today that if I was stranded on an island - what are the things (other than food/water/shelter etc) - that I'd like to have with me - a list of things (not human) that would help me cope, like what book or music or hobby items. I wonder if these choices reflect personality or culture. For example I'd like a good supply of Redbush Tea as I find this soothing and refreshing to drink and I'd probably rate this higher than say wine - which surprised me. I'd also like a copy of the complete works of Jane Austen or Anthony Trollope both authors I find suit all moods. Of course I'd have to have some knitting - something that takes a long time to make like a blanket and can have multiple uses....but the hard one was what music..........Well, it would have to be John Frusciante - because he also suits all moods. Finally, what luxury items for personal hygiene - soap, toothbrush and toothpaste and a hairbrush - as long as I'm clean I can cope with (almost) anything. Ok I think I've been distracted from study long enough better get my nose back onto the grindstone. S'later.........P

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Catching up....................

OK - so I've been a bit tardy re posting of late - I'm sorry but shit happens and unfortunately it's been happening to me of late. Conflict and arseholes the works.
Today has been good though - lovely weather (oh god, how english) and a day when everything just works out.

Spent part of this eveing in the Knitty chatroom - lovely people - just been checking their blogs -they all have links and cool piccies, makes mine look piss poor - oh well still learning. The other part I've spent trying to sort out conflict in JL's home-ed group. The kids get on fine-----but the bloody parents!

Why can't adults be more adult?

On the knitting front - ok socks progressing, JL's very boring basket weave scarf progressing, felted bag progessing - everything else - stagnating.

Study is going ok - very boring though - procrastination rules in the Lainch household.

Book, 1 chapter to go - so that's where I'm a heading now............goodnight

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Secret Pals & other exciting stuff....

I've got a Secret Pal and I'm someones Secret Pal and it's sooooooo exciting. I just had to go shopping yesterday (which is unusual for me - I hate crowds and Brighton sure is crowded!). I had fun though. I love sending/giving presents - I hope they like my choices, can't tell what they are though cos it's all hush-hush.

Went to a family party last night - it was OK - I'm not a big party person as even after 21 years I don't feel comfortable with ML's lot. The food and drink were scrummy though - in the words of my MIL - "it was a luverly spread!"

Have started knitting for this firm - as a try out - the yarn is good quality and the pattern is basic enough. Time is the issue here - hopefully will stand still long enough to do some today, but also have stuff for my course and stuff to do for JL's monday group - what I need is a 28 hour day, then I might (just) fit it in.

I'm quite excited about the monday group, the kids have so much fun and are so nice together, last week we did an impromptu play based on Sleeping Beauty ( our theme was castles) what was interesting was that this version had robot knights with X-ray vision that no-way were going to kiss any girlies!!! lol - JL cracks me up- he had his own little narration going on, totally seperate from the main one. His included the menu for the feast which had to have mainly biscuits - well what good feast wouldn't? We haven't got a theme this week, as we want to kids to get used to the new venue, I think some games would be fun and someone is bringing books and a parachute ? (is this for the parents - who can't take anymore?).

Anyway, that's what's been occuring..........................Px

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Life has been a bit chaotic....

Where does the time go? I'm already back to studying and just seem to have so little time.

I did finish my 2nd pair of socks and have cast on/started pair number 3. Am also knitting in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino - a set of mits/hat/scarve for JL for Xmas in a lush red. Today I also approached a firm about knitting for them from home- I'm going to give it a try out and see how it goes. It doesn't pay much but every little helps.

Still ploughing through The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman- I just don't get the time to read.

Am orgainising JL's Monday group - trying to get a hall for the winter - don't think meeting in the park would be so much fun in November. All these little things eat into my day/week.

So with all that plus running a home, looking after the animals etc - I seem to have life just whizzing past at the moment.

What a I need is a go-fer or perhaps a housekeeper/accountant/ a foot rubber and a dispenser of pain killers. JL is playing his piano thing and has it on repeat of his fav tune - I think this is the 15th repeat- where is the screwdriver or failing that a hammer might do the job.........
Even the dogs gone to bed, she can't stand it anymore - I wonder if she'd squeeze up and let me join her?

Perhaps next time I post it will be less manic- right I'm off to remove some batteries.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Wet n windy

It's a little blustery by the seaside today, as well as a little wet. The sea looks leaden and the sky is only one shade lighter.

I'm a little distracted at the moment, as I've just started my new course and the work load seems high already.

On the knitting front ... I finshed my socks, haven't yet cast on the next pair. Have been knitting Halloween surprises for JL - spiders, ghosts and pumkins.

Anyway, this was just a quickie, as it's lunchtime and I'm very hungry. So I'll buzz off for now and leave you with JL's current fav joke - why did the lobster blush......cos the sea weed.

Sunday, September 19, 2004


Well today is the day - 17 years ago we got married - (buckets ready, chaps) but it just gets better everyday. At the time I wondered what it would feel like to be married that long, would we still be in love, find each other attractive and fun to be with - and the answer is YES. We've actually been together 21 years - which is even more scary - in this day and age. lol

So we are going to enjoy a lazy, family day - with a family dinner - a bottle of fizz after JL goes to bed and some candlelight and soft music. ahhhhh

Unlike last night, at 2.00am someone started a *rave*? nearby - it went on all night and is still going on now - we didn't get a lot of sleep - hence the lazy day today - hopefully we'll find time for a little snooze ..zzzzzzz.zzzzzzz.zzzzzz.

One good point is that because ML was potting yesterday - see I actually had loads of time to knit and made huge progress with sock number 2 - turned the heel and shaped the gusset an 1/2 way down the foot - I'm hopefully going to finish it today, then I can start on pair 3 - I know I'm a sock addict - I can't help it - honest ... it's just got this hold over Homer and beer mmmmmmm opal sock yarn . All my other WIP are on hold whilst I'm in the grip of sock mania - though I must make an effort this week on my crochet jacket.

The other compulsion just starting again is soup making, I just love to make soup and to bake in the Autumn (fall), there's something special about creating a new soup. I really love this time of year, I'm already planning halloween and bonfire night - sad but true. I find this more exciting than Christmas.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Just checking in.

It's been kinda quiet round here....mainly home-edding and having kids to play etc.

I think part of this is also post project lethargy.... I just can't be asked - know what I mean.

I did finish my Opal sock number 1 & started number 2. Did a bit of secret clanger/pullover knitting.

Still awaiting my new yarn/needles from LYS - they're out of the colour I ordered and are waiting for it to come in.

What else? ....... got bought a large bottle of my fav perfume from ML (it's our 17th wedding anniversary on Sunday) - he's such a sweetie.

One of our tarantulas is about to go into moult, the cat is mewing for food and attacking my knitting bag yet again.

I think I need to spend some time with my fabric stash as I have been having patchwork cravings recently but am lacking in inspiration ... it's that lethargy gig again. Normally at this time of year I get 3 months off from study but have chosen to carry straight on, I think because my breaks only small I just can't get motivated to do anything much. I think a nice quiet weekend, a couple of nice long dog walks and my zing will be back (fingers-crossed).

Anyway that's it for now from a zingless. lack-lustre little ole me.

Monday, September 13, 2004


I've finished my project - all 6000 words, typed, proof read, bound and ready to go. I am so pleased that it is over and done with - whew what a weight off my mind.

I have time for a few days off now to relax before it all starts again - but it's my last year - so fingers crossed this time next year I'll have my degree - and be starting a gap year before either doing a 2nd degree or a MA - who knows.

I'm off now to put my feet up and relax - ahhhhhhhh - bliss.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

It's oh so quiet.............

It's Sunday and everybody has gone out except me, even the dogs are not woofing. This is so rare - I'll make the most of it and type up some more of my project in a minute.

Almost completed my sock - 2/3 of way down the toe shaping - prob a few more rows till I can graft - so that's for later this sarvo.

The next job is sock no 2. Also waiting for delivery from LYS (Tues - fingers-crossed) with new yarn and needles for my mitten project - if the pattern works out I'll make them for all my nephews/nieces - and there quite a few so should keep me busy for a while.

Anyway time to work now - I will finish that damn project!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2004

It's the weekend........

OK so it's the weekend......and I have a cold......pooh.

I was thinking (scary I know) about when I first started knitting as a kid and what I made. I remember going to the LYS and getting some bright lilac dk out of the bargain bin for 10p. I taught myself how to knit a triangle by casting on at each end of a row and made all my Sindy's and Barbie's garter stitch halter tops and matching mini skirts - in aforesaid lurid lilac. I can remember also being given skeins of yarn, needles and a doll clothes pattern for a birthday present - still got the pattern for a dolls poncho - all these things come around.

Yesterday I ordered some cash/merino and some addi turbo dpns - as I want to make J some mittens - found a cool pattern for hat, scarf & mittens - going to have to be bright red though or he won't wear them - these are my incentive to finish my project - I'm not allowed to cast on till I have.

Almost finished my sock - just the toe to do - hopefully get there today. Fingers crossed.

Well that's about it for now...............s'later.