Saturday, September 11, 2004

It's the weekend........

OK so it's the weekend......and I have a cold......pooh.

I was thinking (scary I know) about when I first started knitting as a kid and what I made. I remember going to the LYS and getting some bright lilac dk out of the bargain bin for 10p. I taught myself how to knit a triangle by casting on at each end of a row and made all my Sindy's and Barbie's garter stitch halter tops and matching mini skirts - in aforesaid lurid lilac. I can remember also being given skeins of yarn, needles and a doll clothes pattern for a birthday present - still got the pattern for a dolls poncho - all these things come around.

Yesterday I ordered some cash/merino and some addi turbo dpns - as I want to make J some mittens - found a cool pattern for hat, scarf & mittens - going to have to be bright red though or he won't wear them - these are my incentive to finish my project - I'm not allowed to cast on till I have.

Almost finished my sock - just the toe to do - hopefully get there today. Fingers crossed.

Well that's about it for now...............s'later.

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