Sunday, September 19, 2004


Well today is the day - 17 years ago we got married - (buckets ready, chaps) but it just gets better everyday. At the time I wondered what it would feel like to be married that long, would we still be in love, find each other attractive and fun to be with - and the answer is YES. We've actually been together 21 years - which is even more scary - in this day and age. lol

So we are going to enjoy a lazy, family day - with a family dinner - a bottle of fizz after JL goes to bed and some candlelight and soft music. ahhhhh

Unlike last night, at 2.00am someone started a *rave*? nearby - it went on all night and is still going on now - we didn't get a lot of sleep - hence the lazy day today - hopefully we'll find time for a little snooze ..zzzzzzz.zzzzzzz.zzzzzz.

One good point is that because ML was potting yesterday - see I actually had loads of time to knit and made huge progress with sock number 2 - turned the heel and shaped the gusset an 1/2 way down the foot - I'm hopefully going to finish it today, then I can start on pair 3 - I know I'm a sock addict - I can't help it - honest ... it's just got this hold over Homer and beer mmmmmmm opal sock yarn . All my other WIP are on hold whilst I'm in the grip of sock mania - though I must make an effort this week on my crochet jacket.

The other compulsion just starting again is soup making, I just love to make soup and to bake in the Autumn (fall), there's something special about creating a new soup. I really love this time of year, I'm already planning halloween and bonfire night - sad but true. I find this more exciting than Christmas.

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Faerynuff said...

Happy Anniversary! J is gorgeous and your knits are fab :o)