Saturday, January 29, 2005

Meet Lily - a handmade bear for my collection from my Knitty Secret Pal - isn't she a cutie. Posted by Hello

Friday, January 28, 2005

Debbie Bliss club patten close up of moss stitch and decreasing. Posted by Hello

Valentino - models the Debbie Bliss club patten made up. Posted by Hello

Beret - Debbie Bliss club patten - Alpacasilk Posted by Hello

Cravat - Debbie Bliss club patten in Alpacasilk. Posted by Hello

Saturday, January 22, 2005


We went to Marwell animal park today - and had the best time ever, despite the rain! For the first time in my life I heard a tiger roar - awesome.

We fell in love with the sandcats - but they wouldn't pose for photo's at all. Some of the others did and I've posted a few below. Enjoy.

P.s - we're sad today - our first ever tarantula - Fluffy the pink-toe died today - we knew it was coming - males don't live that long. We'd had him just over a year - he was funny in a spider way and we will miss him!

Is this me first thing in the morning? Could be! Posted by Hello

Love meekats. Posted by Hello

A soggy J - pulling a daft face. Posted by Hello

Who you looking at dude? Posted by Hello

Trying to catch a crow for tea. Posted by Hello

This cub had just spotted a crow on the fence.  Posted by Hello

We spent ages in here - they were very entertaining. Posted by Hello

This penguin liked J's red mittens - you can see J reflected in the glass. Posted by Hello

Cone winder - as per swap board at Knitty Posted by Hello

Friday, January 21, 2005

Goodbye spare time.

Not that I have much spare time anyway. Today the stuff for my new course was delivered and I got my tutor details - it all sounds daunting but also very exciting. It just means that I may only have 1 more week of loafing - before I go back to playing 'life sardines'.

Finally finished Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell on Tuesday - a slog of a book but worth it.

J and I have finished '5 Children & It' - as he also finished 'Beyond the Deepwoods' this week - he's decided to read '5 Children' for himself - he read 22 pages this morning. Together we are reading 'The Phoenix & the Carpet' - next will be 'The Railway Children' and I've just ordered 'The Enchanted Castle'. We're having a Nesbit-o-thon.

J and I have also been looking at cats - this week - big and small - this was triggered by something on the Discovery Channel, looking at what each type of cat specialised in - perhaps a visit to a wildlife park this weekend might be in order - to see them (again) for real. Any excuse to go and look at tigers! We've also looked at shapes this week, done loads of Dr Funsters Think-a-minutes - we've almost finished book 1. Still the main preoccupation is J's love of his car designer set - his room is awash with finished designs!

As for knitting - still working on the Donegal Tweed, M's other sock and Klaralund. They are all progressing. Haven't touched Charlottes Web for a while - it needs silence, a rare commodity around here, especially with M's daily bass practice! Oh well, I'll get there in the end, the journey is part of the fun.

I also posted my 1st parcel to my Secret Pal - it's winging it's way across the sea - not the ocean this time. I'm so excited - I hope she likes it - it's as much fun sending as receiving. My sp - hasn't posted yet but the mod has assured me she has my details and is putting a parcel together - I love surprises. Talking of which M bought J a PS2 Transformers game - he is tracking Deceptacons as we speak, right behind me, it's a tad loud - but it's a treat. He hardly plays on the PS2 normally - this is an exception - high drama and excitement!

I also tidied out the sewing room - 'miracle' you can move around in there now and see the carpet. It took a whole day and 2 trips to the tip but it needed to be done - it was easier to put it off so it got out of control - Ma is pleased as she can reach her sewing machine - though at least 80% of the junk was hers! Stuff that will come in useful one day - funny how I got the blame though, oh well thems the breaks.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Noro Silk Garden No 37 - back of Klaralund Posted by Hello

2nd attempt at update

I just typed all this then managed to delete it - so this is an abridged version.

Busy couple of weeks.

New Secret Pal - post package 1 tomorrow! My Secret Pal is missing - AWOL - where are you? I think I'm a turkey attractor as last Secret Pals 2nd package is still AWOL as well - what is it about me? Do I smell? Am I a bad person? - No, Don't answer that last one!

Celeb Big Brother - Brigitte to win (although I didn't like her a first - I do now) John McCririck - uggg how can someone pick their nose and eat it on TV?

Noro Silk Garden (no37) - knitting Klaralund - back completed, front a 3rd done - piccie of colours to follow just because it's so amazing.

Cat still getting naughtier by the second - has lost so much weight is in 2nd kittenhood and driving me bald - he's a bad pussboy.

Learning to Salsa - at last exercise that's fun as well.

Signed up to WW - lost 8lbs - hurrah. Missing red wine, cashews & chocolate but can't eat a little of those - need lots & lots.

That's it - try not to delete it again.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Half a pair of socks for M - the yarn is a Reggia - I love the pattern. Posted by Hello

M's glove - now got to finish its mate - it feels huge on me. Posted by Hello

Two fo's - my favourite felted tote pattern and the fabric is a shawl I wove for myself. It's not as bright as the picture shows it though. Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Mrs Tardy, finally updates

I've been very remiss - apologies. Had a heavy cold and still have a bad ear infection so have been hermitting a bit of late.
We had a lovely Christmas and New Year celebration - tres jolly.
Have posted pictures below - somebody got too many presents - and it wasn't me! What a lucky kiddo.

I'm still on my study break until the end of the month, am really enjoying the break. Am knitting, reading and relaxing.

Have rejoined Weight Watchers - am determined to keep the weight off this time - I love food so much - it's very hard - I'm trying to not miss chocolate too much. I am not strict enough just to eat a little!!!!

On the knitting front - I have finished one of M's gloves and one of his socks - so he is uneven. Have started their mates and am also still trying to complete my Charlottes Web and the back of my Donegal Tweed jacket.

On the book front am ploughing through Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and David Starkey's Six Wives.

I know that the world is full of very serious stuff right now and perhaps I should have focused on that for this post but what can I add to what has already be said - only that I pray for all those affected (in my own way).
TTFN. P xx

Who could resist? Buster with a tail moustache. What a sleepy kitten. Posted by Hello

Funky is released from paper captivity - alas upside down. Posted by Hello

So many presents - help was needed. Posted by Hello

Loadsa of presents! Posted by Hello