Sunday, January 16, 2005

2nd attempt at update

I just typed all this then managed to delete it - so this is an abridged version.

Busy couple of weeks.

New Secret Pal - post package 1 tomorrow! My Secret Pal is missing - AWOL - where are you? I think I'm a turkey attractor as last Secret Pals 2nd package is still AWOL as well - what is it about me? Do I smell? Am I a bad person? - No, Don't answer that last one!

Celeb Big Brother - Brigitte to win (although I didn't like her a first - I do now) John McCririck - uggg how can someone pick their nose and eat it on TV?

Noro Silk Garden (no37) - knitting Klaralund - back completed, front a 3rd done - piccie of colours to follow just because it's so amazing.

Cat still getting naughtier by the second - has lost so much weight is in 2nd kittenhood and driving me bald - he's a bad pussboy.

Learning to Salsa - at last exercise that's fun as well.

Signed up to WW - lost 8lbs - hurrah. Missing red wine, cashews & chocolate but can't eat a little of those - need lots & lots.

That's it - try not to delete it again.


Peatbogfaery said...

I had to leave a comment when I read what you were missing while doing WW - its exactly what I missed! Best of luck with it, and I think the Silk Garden looks fantastic, its made me start my clapotis again, I'm knitting it in Silk Garden no. 8.

Faerynuff said...

Evening Peri,

Well done on the WW! I really must pull my finger out and get motivated :)

Take care, Ali x