Thursday, January 06, 2005

Mrs Tardy, finally updates

I've been very remiss - apologies. Had a heavy cold and still have a bad ear infection so have been hermitting a bit of late.
We had a lovely Christmas and New Year celebration - tres jolly.
Have posted pictures below - somebody got too many presents - and it wasn't me! What a lucky kiddo.

I'm still on my study break until the end of the month, am really enjoying the break. Am knitting, reading and relaxing.

Have rejoined Weight Watchers - am determined to keep the weight off this time - I love food so much - it's very hard - I'm trying to not miss chocolate too much. I am not strict enough just to eat a little!!!!

On the knitting front - I have finished one of M's gloves and one of his socks - so he is uneven. Have started their mates and am also still trying to complete my Charlottes Web and the back of my Donegal Tweed jacket.

On the book front am ploughing through Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and David Starkey's Six Wives.

I know that the world is full of very serious stuff right now and perhaps I should have focused on that for this post but what can I add to what has already be said - only that I pray for all those affected (in my own way).
TTFN. P xx

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