Friday, January 21, 2005

Goodbye spare time.

Not that I have much spare time anyway. Today the stuff for my new course was delivered and I got my tutor details - it all sounds daunting but also very exciting. It just means that I may only have 1 more week of loafing - before I go back to playing 'life sardines'.

Finally finished Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell on Tuesday - a slog of a book but worth it.

J and I have finished '5 Children & It' - as he also finished 'Beyond the Deepwoods' this week - he's decided to read '5 Children' for himself - he read 22 pages this morning. Together we are reading 'The Phoenix & the Carpet' - next will be 'The Railway Children' and I've just ordered 'The Enchanted Castle'. We're having a Nesbit-o-thon.

J and I have also been looking at cats - this week - big and small - this was triggered by something on the Discovery Channel, looking at what each type of cat specialised in - perhaps a visit to a wildlife park this weekend might be in order - to see them (again) for real. Any excuse to go and look at tigers! We've also looked at shapes this week, done loads of Dr Funsters Think-a-minutes - we've almost finished book 1. Still the main preoccupation is J's love of his car designer set - his room is awash with finished designs!

As for knitting - still working on the Donegal Tweed, M's other sock and Klaralund. They are all progressing. Haven't touched Charlottes Web for a while - it needs silence, a rare commodity around here, especially with M's daily bass practice! Oh well, I'll get there in the end, the journey is part of the fun.

I also posted my 1st parcel to my Secret Pal - it's winging it's way across the sea - not the ocean this time. I'm so excited - I hope she likes it - it's as much fun sending as receiving. My sp - hasn't posted yet but the mod has assured me she has my details and is putting a parcel together - I love surprises. Talking of which M bought J a PS2 Transformers game - he is tracking Deceptacons as we speak, right behind me, it's a tad loud - but it's a treat. He hardly plays on the PS2 normally - this is an exception - high drama and excitement!

I also tidied out the sewing room - 'miracle' you can move around in there now and see the carpet. It took a whole day and 2 trips to the tip but it needed to be done - it was easier to put it off so it got out of control - Ma is pleased as she can reach her sewing machine - though at least 80% of the junk was hers! Stuff that will come in useful one day - funny how I got the blame though, oh well thems the breaks.

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