Friday, January 07, 2005

Half a pair of socks for M - the yarn is a Reggia - I love the pattern. Posted by Hello

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Faerynuff said...

Thanks for your lovely pm's and stuff recently, I appreciate them x

Oh, you've been a busy lady! Love those scarves, mittens and socks...and those spiders - Oh My! I'd like to think I could touch one but I really don't think that I could lol!
Congratulations on passing your course, does this mean that you will carry on with it now or are you still doing something else? I'm thinking about doing the 1 year teacher training course and becoming a supply teacher. Still in the thinking stage though!

Your weavings are beautiful, I can see that you and your husband could set up a very successful shop selling handweaves (is that a word?), knits and Raku pottery. What a clever family!

Happy New Year
Ali xxxx