Thursday, June 28, 2007

Argghhhhhh Jim Lad

It's not that I'm obsessed with skulls or anything ........honest!

Look what M found for me. A dinky little 2.5mm lip stud with a little skull on it. I LOVE IT! Now all I need is skull knickers and I'm sorted ;-)

The elemental forces of .....

of MONKEY! Now please don't think these are all I can knit - they aren't honest. It's just they are comfort knitting and I know the pattern off by heart and I still love the way they look and knit up.

These are knitted from Lorna's Laces in Neon.....yes more hot pink and orange combo socks!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

For J - 28/06

I won't have time to do this tomorrow, so here it is a day early. A little photo tribute to my number 1 pain in the bum. This is a little baby J - I can't for the life of me remember how old he was when this was taken but if there are no teeth in the picture than he is less than 12 weeks old. He was not an easy baby but when he was happy he was really happy and vice versa.This picture was taken about a day before his 1st birthday - so 9 years ago today! He'd been asleep so his hair is all mussed up and this is the only photo taken that day he smiled in. At this age he was into everything, nothing was sacred. I couldn't even go to the loo without him causing mayhem. In the end I got a travel cot and used to put him in it - so I could go to the bathroom without hearing a huge crash and a scream.
Here is J at 3 taken in the Millennium year at his Pre-school. This period of time was when we truly discovered what a little sod he could be and just how stubborn his personality was/is. Talk about go your own way!
And this is J today. Still stubborn, still very much his own person and still going his own way! He can be the most kind, generous and caring kid, he can also be helpful, clever and useful - this all counter balances his numpty-ness, his messiness and his scatter brained-professor Brainstorm tendencies........I wouldn't have it/him any other way. Happy Dirtday Kiddo - you rock!

A difficult day.

This is my dog Lou-Lou (aka Loobles, Ooo-loo-poo-loo, Ooble-dooble -you get it) she is 12 years old now. She is very spotty and very smelly! She farts like an ole tramp who sleeps under the pier. She will eat anything - especially the neighbours cats poo. She will raid the bin. She will role in anything smelly. But in spite of all this ................... we love her lots.

Yesterday morning, M passed a comment she was sitting funny, but she got up, moved around, ate her breakfast biscuits. Everyone then went off, leaving just J and I. I was blog reading, I glanced across at the dog and it looked like she was squatting.......wee-wee squatting! Now Booble-tastic is one of the cleanest dogs ever - as an adult dog she's made 1 mistake - and she was ill at the time. So I investigated, she looked awkward. I called her to come downstairs to go out into the garden. Halfway down the stairs she collapsed at the backend! I couldn't lift her, I was too scared to move her, J is too small to help. I eventually, a stair at a time, got her down and into the kitchen. She wouldn't go out and it appeared she couldn't actually squat properly or sit. I was trapped in a house, at least 3 miles from the nearest vet, with a kid and an immobile dog and I don't drive *sigh* - it was fast becoming one of those days and to top it all M was working miles aways on something he couldn't leave. As for Ma - helpful as ever - she'd not turned her mobile on and the vet, who doesn't make house calls, suggested that I could go to the emergency surgery.................7 miles away.

Anyway, to cut a long story short.............I made her as comfortable as possible. I got to eat something and got her to go for a pee. But she was not a happy puppy, you could see the pain in her expression. We got her to the vet when M finished work. She had a painkilling jab. We had to wait overnight.....if she was better then anti-inflam pills if not X-rays!

This morning she is a lot better *phew* she is still moving in a gingerly manner but she can get up and downstairs and has woofed and chased Conkers out of her favourite chair in the conservatory. Vet wants to see her in about a week. We are keeping everything crossed. She has joint problems anyway, lots of Dalmatians do. But this is the first time she has really seemed like and old dog and it's scary.

Finally, this morning Winston, the last remained Dachshund went out for a pee and started acting funny and squealing with pain.......guess where he is off to this afternoon? So both Ma and I are nursing creaking dogs this week.

Never mind, it could be worse and tomorrow is ............J's birthday - 10 years old and still a pain in the arse! Just physically a bigger one ;=)

Sunday, June 24, 2007


I have been.............mostly spinning :-D
As rain stopped our planned trip to Port Lympne (boohoo) I thought I'd play with my wheelie friend and I also carried on spinning the Falkland on Lewis - can't have him feeling left out *joke* - now I just have decided his future, no hurry - but do I need to have 2 wheels?

Now as it is STILL raining, it is time for ...........some................knitting!

Port Lympne- has been rain-checked for a free weekend when the weather is better. J isn't too disappointed - even though this is the 2nd weekend that rain has fucked up our plans - he's just focusing on his forthcoming 10th birthday - cue one over excited boy by Wednesday night!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

I know, I know.....

3 posts in one day, is overload. But I just couldn't wait.......M finished putting my wheel together. Isn't it a little beauty? The Danish Oil has really brought out the shine of the wood. (I notice he had to get his bass in the background *sigh*). You can also see Lewis as well.
Close up of wood and built in lazy kate.
Oooooo my first spin.
BFL hand dyed by moi - using up some old Koolaid. It is a much softer fibre than I've spun before and the double treadle felt a bit strange at first, but it was like riding a bike, I felt at home with the wheel almost straight away. It is lovely and smooth. Now I just need to name it.

*******Dr Who********

Was totally brilliant tonight. I love John Sim - absolutely perfect in that role!

Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow.

M found a little friend in our garden today. It was in mid moult and had had an encounter by the looks of it with a local cat judging by the scars on its back. It was cute. Lots of tongue flicking. Even J held it.
Dun, dun, dun, another one bites the dust! WIP into FO numero 2. Two pairs of socks completed in two days. These are J's for camping - nice and thick and warm. Reggia Crazy Colour 6ply on 6mm. I didn't even try to match the stripes as we wanted them nice and jazzy.

As if by magic......

a WIP turns into a FO! Finally.
I started these months ago made one and then got 2nd sock syndrome. The pattern is the Magknits one from Summer 2oo5 or 2006. The yarn is Opal dye your own - the colourway is one I dyed for my Pomatomos socks - using Lime and Blue Raspberry Koolaid.

Now onto the next WIP.

Friday, June 22, 2007's here!

Mr Postie just rang our bell. He had a big juicy parcel addressed to me. The corrugated cardboard was quickly dealt with and there was this lovely box with blue writing stating.......

'Traveller Spinning Wheel'

My very own, brand new Ashford double treadle wheel. The wheel that I've always had my eye on and now I've got one *hugs self...........saddo*.

M has worked out the best treatment for the wood and has promised to treat and assemble it for me. There isn't any rush as I still have the wonderful Haldane Lewis and as I've waited this long a few more days or so won't make a lot of difference.

Now I'm off to read the bumph that came with it..........S'later!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tale of Tiny.

Not many spider posts recently. Well here is Tiny - he's the Giant Salmon Pink Birdeater - not quite a giant yet but growing nicely. Here's an interesting titbit for you. The temperament of a juvenile tarantula is different (quite often) to the adult. While we don't, as a matter of course, handle our spiders, they are wild animals and therefore deserve to be treated as such. Tiny as an adult is a type of spider that would not take at all kindly to handling. He can be aggressive now - how does that bode for an adult 10" span Tiny?
The thing is that he is the most active and nosey of the spiders. He spends virtually all day everyday at the front (by the opening) of his tank. Loud noises, bangs and crashes do not bug this guy. Humbug, for example, legs it at the slightest movement of his tank, Tiny just sits there. In fact it can make spider care difficult because we need to fill his water dish and he ain't going nowhere. You can tap the glass, rattle the door of his tank - nothing moves this guy (calling him guy as don't know what he is yet). The only thing he thinks of is his next meal and any vibration could mean it's cricket time! The only thing that works (and it doesn't always) is if you lift the hatch a small amount and gently blow on him. The first blow and he attacks the glass hatch, the 2nd, 3rd blows he just sits there looking disgruntled as only a big fat spider can - "What no cricket?!" 4th blow he starts to move away, 5th blow it's kind of like " Alright, already, I'm moving but I ain't hurrying!" People say these creatures have no awareness of us - other than if we appear as a threat - but with this dude - I ain't buying it. He has character - scary character - but character none the less.
Here is a fairly recent piccie of Boris - still called Boris as it suits - but we're pretty sure he is a she and therefore more of a Doris.
This is a spider that goes through phases of hiding away in his tubular web for days at a time. He seals himself in, doesn't eat or drink. Then suddenly - POP! There he is - laying like a big splat in his water dish - for up to 20 mins - I swear he takes a bath and has a snooze. Then he takes a massive splatter-dump right across his nice clean glass fronted tank - maybe sucks on a cricket if there is one about and then - poof - he's gone again. The funniest thing is this spider is like the opening titles of that old TV series 'Dr Kildare' - if thinks you're watching he freeze frames - when you look away he moves - you look back and he's still again. He's funny spider - very cute but very quick. Sometimes I look away and he's gone - in a blink.

Lots of people have asked why we keep them. They are not cute (matter of opinion), they are not cuddly, they don't do much - Ha! They are fascinating, it's like sharing your space with a culture so alien you have to watch it. I don't love them like I do Conkers and Loobles - but I am attached to them because they intrigue me so.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Oh hair cut, hair cut.

The back - short, short, short hair. Not been this short for at least 5 years!!!!
The short side. First time my upper ear piercing has seen the light of day since I had it done - about 3 or 4 years.

The longer side.
Tis choppy, layered and funky and Simon my hairdresser is brill!
M just ordered my 20th wedding anniversary present *biggest grin ever* - can you guess what it is?

WIP along.

Toggle of Toggle Knits Blog has started a work in progress along - brilliant idea.

You are not allowed to cast on for anything new until two WIP's become FO's!

Just the motivation I need to finish up stuff that is laying around. My WIP pile actually isn't too bad but I am very naughty at abandoning old for new. So this will be the kick-up-the-bum I need.

Here are my WIP's that I need to finish;

Four pairs of socks - M's, J's, Geisha trainer socks, Monkey. As of 23/06 - 2 pairs completed! Monkey socks - Finished!
M's alpaca hat.
Ribbed cardigan from Textured Knits for me.
Sahara long sleeve tunic.
Throw/wrap in KnitPicks Shimmer. Finished 01/07/2007.
Felted bag -that is only about 3 years in the making so far *sigh* - I got bored!

That's it. I am officially abandoning the lace cardi that I started over 10 years ago - as by now it wouldn't fit me tits! And the mohair wrap cardi from Rebecca - cos now I'm 1/2 way through knitting it - I don't like it.

May all my WIP-KAL good intentions stay strong!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Spun and done!

Falkland roving spun and plied, washed and dried. It's lovely. I am happy with it.
It has a lovely sheen and the colours blended really well.
Have another 50g to spin - already started :-)

Other stuff.

New curtains all made and hung. Conkers has been warned that his cute fluffy butt is in peril if he tears these ones.

J has adopted a caterpillar - Mullion Moth - called ......wait for it...............Wormy - yay for Spongebob! I never realised how much these little suckers shit!

Oooooo tattie-a-licious - the veggie patch is bursting full of tattie goodness. The onions started to bolt but M got them just in time.

Lots of sock knitting has occurred - especially on Saturday - tedious visitors *yawn*.

Haircut tomorrow - boy has it grown, like a weed. I think I'll go really short for the summer and then grow it out again over the winter. It never takes long.

Yesterday was a lovely day - Fathers Day - we asked J what shall we do? Shall we go here or there? He opted to have a PJ day - which was fine with us. M had had an hectic week, I was still getting over my cold. So we had a naughty brunch (full English) and spent the day pursuing our hobbies etc. M played his bass, I read, spun and knitted and J made Lego, played computer games and watched a film. It was really nice and relaxing and I think all of us feel better for it.

Fathers Day is a double edged sword for M and I. Firstly, because we've both lost our Dads - M's still fairly recently - it brings the sense of loss to the fore front of your mind. J never met my Dad and lost Grandad B when he was 4. Secondly, we for a very long time, believed we'd never have kids and so would never have someone to make us cards and gifts. J made M a really beautiful card which I know meant an awful lot to M. For all that he can be a pain - our kid is smashing and we love him to bits!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Old dog.........

new tricks! Below are some plain Reggia cotton Indian Color socks but for the 1st time in my knitting life they have a short row heel and were knitted on 2 circs. Well you have to try these things ;-) I didn't use the short row on the toe as I didn't like it as much as my normal toe but the heel is ok. It is much quicker than a heel flap etc but is shallower than I am used to.

Here is the current status of the Falkland roving - it spins up real nice.
Am still suffering from a heavy summer cold. But still, two FO's in one week isn't too bad is it?
Right off to boot sewing machine in to life. Conkers McBonkers finally did for the bathroom curtain last night on a mammoth moth hunt - his interior decorating style leaves a lot to be desired especially with the ragged Cinderella look! I found some muslin's, I bought from Ikea years ago, in the hall cupboard, floor length and tagged, same as our lounge ones. They can be re-built (lol) into suitable bathroom and bedroom curtains......cue lots of bad language......I hate making curtains.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling

Hear the ringing of a bell,
It means unclean
It means unwell.
Head is thumping, nose is runny
Temperament is less than sunny!
Throat is scratchy, ears that ache
A summer cold - for bleedin sake.

So no more blogging for a bit,
Cos I feel like total shit........again!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I is for.....

Itching, irritating, insomnia and insects bites.

Something or things bit me on Sunday. One on the ankle bone and one on the back of my heel. They itched so much last night they kept me awake for ages. The one on back on of my ankle kept filling up with liquid (tmi?) like a blister. I cursed the little bloodsucking fuckers who ruined my nights sleep. I applied Lavender oil, nice holistic, safe, meant to work remedy.....nope. I applied Germoline ..... twice, antiseptic cream with local anaesthetic......nope. I tried ignoring them............nope. I got up took a dose a Piriton and two paracetamol and after about 30 minutes of gritting my teeth, getting loved and trampled on by Conkers and ignoring the itch, I fell asleep.

This morning after more Piriton etc I couldn't stand it anymore and went to the ole red book of knowledge, the one I posted about last year. And lo there was an idea - mix equal parts of salt, bicarbonate of soda with a little water to make a paste and apply to promised instant delivered.......oh blessed relief. It's dried on and it feels cool and non itchy at all and the salt should help the little bleeders heal too. *big sigh of relief*

Other stuff.

Got my Ravelery invite *yay!*

Tuesday is spinning day------ so I'm off to get the chores done.

Monday, June 11, 2007


Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit. In the words of the old Volvo car add - 'Boxy but good'. It's knitted up fine and if I was two sizes bigger and shorter in the body it would be great. I knitted a larger size to accommodate my boobage - which fits ok. Bit baggy under the arms but ok. The pattern is cool - with the corrections someone made on the Knitty forum works out fine. It's good if tedious knit. But it makes me look like a pale green box and I feel as large as a house it in - not flattering. Gok from 'How to look good naked (channel 4) would have a fit at the size I must see myself as to wear this!!! I need at least another 3 inches on my hips and waist.

So I must either consign it to the frog pond - but as I dislike Rowan cotton 4 ply so much I may never knit with it again or donate to someone it might fit or consign it to the wear when you already feel ugly and no-one will see you today pile.

If you have a 44" bust like green and want it.........shout!

Part one.

A sense of satisfaction and aching feet = a good day out at Groombridge The kids romped played on the giant tree swings, discovered all the mysteries of the Enchanted Forest ate ice creams and generally had fun. The adults ambled in the heat, played on the giant tree swings too and ate ice creams.

One of the highlights of a visit is the displays by the Raptor Centre. The bird above is called Jack and he is a Jackal/Augur Buzzard - they fly the birds close to dispel myths and fears and this guy flew so close my hair ruffled. The owls in Part two are theirs as well. They provide a lot of information which is very educational as well as entertaining. They have an interesting site with lots of photos - here Totem pole!
The arse view of a displaying peacock - I'd never noticed the fuzzy bit before!
J by the Mystic Pool. The forest has hidden things, magic things, active things and weird things - perfect for children who have an active imagination and a love of exploring.

They also had a Medieval Festival with archery, weapons, armour and and insight to how they lived when encamped - interesting if a little bizarre.

The gardens were so beautiful at this time of year - everything fresh and blooming - even me - who dislikes open and formal gardens couldn't help but be astounded at it elegance and charm.

Other stuff.

No I didn't knit in public - why? Why not. It's not my scene and it's sheepy! Baaaa-baaaaaaa. Heads up to those who did though.

Isabella is knit - hoo-fucking-rah! Needs blocking, sewing and armholes. Still not certain but relieved the knitting is almost complete - 16 rows approx for armholes left. I'll post a piccie when it's done.

Hardly any knitting/spinning over the weekend. Saturday was baking day and Sunday we left at 10.00am got back at 6.00pm - ate tea, vegged out and I fell asleep in front of the TV and missed half of the David Dimbleby programmed on Britain's Buildings - pah - hopefully they will repeat on BBC 4 soon!

Today I am making up for missed knitting and spinning time. J is knackered so a quiet day all round I think - a bit of relaxing sounds good.

Part two.

Bengal Eagle Owl - or Latin name - Bubo Bubo - what a great name.
A baby European Eagle Owl called Inky - who pooed in his travel box was re-named Stinky.
A tweeny weeny baby Scopes Owl - who had the gravest expression I've ever seen.
A peacock in full display - his harem was on the roof watching.
A rather large triffid!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

A post of two parts.

Part One.

I have always used my blog to express my thoughts and feelings as well as vent, rant or moan. I've been honest and typed exactly what I felt. I thought that was the idea of blog. I like to blog like that. But after this week I now feel unhappy and out of step with blogging that way. I don't mind criticism - but this is my blog and I am of the mind that if people don't like me and what I write/think, then they shouldn't read this blog. So I have all this stuff I want to blog about - stuff I want to get of my chest - and I'm kind loathe to do it because of feeling restricted *sigh*. So if you don't like my honest stuff about my life and how I feel - don't read part 2 of this post.

Part Two.

Yesterday was a lovely the morning. I pottered, I did lots of spinning. J was happy and creative, it was great. Then the afternoon happened. Now it's awkward because what wound me up to a sense of frustration of gasket blowing proportions is something of which I cannot blog (yet), suffice it to say - it could effect our families future. Something that was mailed two months ago, to meet to deadline four weeks later, was now lost, at the crucial time it was needed. Lucky I kept a copy *phew* unlucky I am a computer Luddite with an antique scanner that has micro chip rot to match my brain rot. So I spent between 2 to 4 hours trying to scan 8 pages to email to someone. I even used Ma's new, whizzy computer with a printer which has a built in scanner. I scanned these pages something like 11 times - and no matter what I did I couldn't get a legible document, it kept showing up with text all over the place and written in what looked like a foreign language. I scanned it in to every programme her computer had and still nothing worked.

I took a little break for dinner. By this time I felt like my eyes were popping and the veins in my forehead looked like strained steel cables. Then dinner - mmm lamb curry - a medium heat dupiza - yum! Nope - cheating by using a Tesco sauce - cos I wasted so much time fucking about with a scanner - it was gross - so hot even M - was taken a back - a man who eats mega hot curries like I eat yogurt, and so harsh on the spices - blech. So I ate 7 little cubes of lamb, a couple of mouthfuls of rice and a poppadom and gave up.

Back to the scanning *bigger sigh* I eventually found 2 formats and emailed off both - still don't know if they worked and probably won't till next week.

The thing that really got me was, I chased this 'thing' up about 10 days ago. Now if I hadn't done that would they have ever realised it was missing - and we might have never known *double big sigh*.

By the end of the evening I was so wound up I couldn't even bring myself to knit!

So today, I still feel the aftermath of the frustration and wound up like a coiled spring. M is out with buddies for the morning and I just want to hide. But I shall go and bake up a storm and hopefully by the end of that I'll feel back to normal.

We're off out for the day tomorrow (weather permitting) so I want to feel in a happier place as we're going somewhere I love to visit with good friends and kiddie mates of J's. I'm sure tomorrow will be a good day.

I hate computers! I find it all frustrating because although I worked on them for years - it was so different then. And at school back in the late 70's early 80's - well computer studies were a joke - I learnt nothing relevant to today. Computers effect my brain like numbers - I shut down and just don't get it *treble sigh*.

Finally -thanks for the tag Allie ( ) - wonderful blog this - you should read it - very interesting. I will do the 'meme' but next week when I've re-established my normal jolly self. Anyone who know me IRL and is reading this is now pissing themselves with laughter - jolly probably was not the best choice of description for me!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Fibre frolics for Friday.

Don't you just love the word frolic? It brings so many images to mind. Young foals frisking on their too long legs, lambs gamboling, puppies on their first walks charging around and tail chasing, me in the kitchen up to my elbows in fibre and can't see that last one? Strange, it comes naturally to my mind in association with frolic.
Anyhoo, enough already of the inane banter. Yesterday I got to dying fibre, as opposed to yarn, for the 1st time. Hmmmm bit of a different ball game. I found I was more careful with roving than with yarn. The red is Falkland and although it doesn't show well in the photograph is has a few darker bands running through it. This fibre dyed like a dream and of the two types appeared more robust took the the dye well too. The green is BFL (blue faced leicester) and needed a much longer bath prior to dying and crinkled more during the process, however, I am pleased with the result and its springiness has revived during drying. The gold/beige is the same fleece but I used a different dye process (one I'm experimenting with) it needs some refining. I will spin it and see what I think, but it may be heading for a re-dye after it is spun.

I had a ball taking over the kitchen, delaying lunch and causing mayhem. It took me a lot longer than yarn dying but for a first attempt I am fairly happy. The red Falkland is destined to hit the wheel first, probably later today. I will have little break from my Corriedale and as the Falkland is only 50g it shouldn't take too long. I'll post progress and completion pictures.


Do you ever, ever get towards the end of something you're knitting and think 'Oo-err I'm not sure about this?' That's what happening with me and Isabella. This is unusual for me, probably one project in about 15. I'm just not feeling the vibe with the lace and the neck shape. I will continue and see how I feel about it after its sewn and blocked but it's going to have to look right spanking to avoid the pond-of-froggy-despair. It is a major bummer because it been a right boring knit for me as I detest long stretches of stocking stitch and the Rowan 4ply cotton has murdered my hands (I have eczema on my hands so they are often quite sore) - so to suffer all this and then get to the finishing post feeling a bit whoops is, as said, a bummer!

Other stuff.

Finished 'Roots' - blown away - should have read this years ago. Plan now to reread HP -'Half Blood Prince' before next one is published. Thought I'd be more excited about the last one coming out but am not really. I didn't like HBP all that much. I've already tried one reread and got bored and put it down. I hope the last one rekindles the joy that the 1st 4 books did. Book 5 was good but it didn't have that 'un-put-a-downable' quality and HBP was a slog. Perhaps my reading tastes have changed.

Been listening to a lot of music in the evenings because what is on TV is even more abysmal than normal - will someone please cull Bill Oddie? I haven't bothered with SpringWatch as I can't stand that bumptious little twerp - shame because I love nature programmes and the wildlife clips etc are great, it's just him, he makes my blood boil with his quips. Also haven't bothered with Big Brother this year - gave up on it last year and life seems so much better without it. So music has been our entertainment of choice after J goes to bed. We found some right weird stuff but it's great to revisit it. The other night we listened to Jam and Spoon - Tripomatic Fairytales - whoo where was my head when I bought that? I dread to recall.

I think that is more than enough waffle for today. Except for a thank you for all the nice comments I had this week. I had begun to think that no-one read my blog that much so all these new peeps commenting has cheered me up no end - thank you all - you rock and those of you with blogs I have added you to my blog-reading list and will visit and comment in reciprocation soon.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

You spin me right round baby

I've reached the half way point with the Corrie Wizz - one plait of roving completed. 200g of yarny goodness. Now I just need to spin the other one. To be honest it's a labour of love because it is so lovely to spin and the colours blend in such a lovely way.
Close up of the spun skeins. *sigh* so pretty.

Right another day of multiple posts....this is getting hobbit forming.


Hahaha - somethings never change.

Just read an article on Reuters about how the full moon brings out the violent yobs in Brighton. Where have the local police been for the last, goodness knows, how many years?

Brighton has always had a yob element and most likely always will and as for the full moon effecting it - will if the police want to believe that, then that's their prerogative.

Now tell me something I don't know as a life long Brightonian.

PS - didn't post the link as it is so long it messes up my sidebar - and the article was nothing to set the world on fire.


Another post...blimey!

I received an anon comment on my 1st post yesterday. Someone thinks I have a lot of phobias and is concerned that they effect J's 'QOL' (quality of life). I originally, in anger, hit off a reply comment, which I then deleted as it was typed in the heat of the moment (never a good idea when your temper is as fiery as mine). However, I'd now like to address those points.

Firstly, I have 2 proper phobias. Agoraphobia - I've had this for a long time, it ebbs and flows. J has had a full explanation and understands fully. I work very hard to overcome it but occasionally I do have periods when it gets the better of me. At those times M, Ma and other family members help me out. My 2nd phobia is a minor one that J doesn't even know I have as I have never displayed it in front of him.....I dislike aeroplanes and flying....I still do it though. As for dentists, it's a dislike left over from childhood. I took J to the dentist with me from when he was a babe in arms. He has (as I stated yesterday) no fear or qualms about going and has lovely, well looked after teeth. Finally on this point, he shows no signs of agoraphobia and is a very happy, loving, well adjusted little tike.

To answer the other point about him being taken to school etc. As it says in my profile I am a SAHM who 'home educates'. He has a busy life with loads of friends and a much better social life than me. He has weekly hobbies and interests and spends a lot of time playing with other kids. If I cannot get him to the places he needs to go his Father - 'M' who equally shares a parenting role with me - takes him as he has flexible working hours. Also home educated kids socialise at a very different level than children in school. Ask anyone who has met J. Ask other home educators - he finds social contact and interactions everywhere and is well known in the local community as a friendly outgoing little boy. He has adult friends, teenage friends and toddler friends, he is not restricted to interacting with mainly his own age group as are many of his school going friends.

Finally, I have spent the last 7 years of my life, studying at degree level and above, childhood and child behaviour. I can assure you that my life and phobias DO NOT effect my only child (again my profile makes it clear I have just 1) in any detrimental way.

I hope this answers the points raised and puts your mind to rest. If you had read more of my blog perhaps you would have not needed to make your comment.

I have not allowed comments on this post. As I now have nothing further to say on this subject and normal knitty and banal service will resume later.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dental update.

It was a long day and a long wait.

I have beautiful teeth ;-) matches the rest of me, heh! I have excellent oral hygiene, need to be more gentle when cleaning though. Dentist doesn't want to see me for a year - hurrah! I know I'm lucky to be 40 with NO fillings etc - it is a blessing I count.

J has excellent oral hygiene. His stuck wobbler's will come out naturally in the next month or so. The only downside is, in taking after me, he has an impacted jaw and will need braces for 90% of his adult teeth *sigh* he is OK with this. I had to have surgery to sort out mine, I think braces much a better option.

M breathed a sigh of relief. He wasn't taken to the dentist as a child and has had dental problems most of his adult life. Today the dentist found no problems and congratulated him on how much improvement he'd made in his oral care and confirmed that it really does make a difference.

So 3 happy bunnies, no dentistry problems. Still glad it's over and done with though!

Boy and girls come out to play.

I am officially turning into a hermit....not the crabby kind either. It's strange but at this time of the year I normally find my agoraphobia recedes, but this year, the outdoor sunny type weather is making it worse. I realised today that I haven't left the house - except for the garden etc - in 9 days (oops). Today I have to leave the house and it's making me a little, no a lot anxious. Mind you, I think that trips to the dentist have that effect on a lot of peeps. The dentist is a nice guy and I have good teeth - I only need to go once a year because of that. No today my worry is J. He has good teeth too and doesn't have any fear but I hate taking him to the dentist because as a kid I was terrified of the dentist, the fear still lingers and I am so afraid he'll pick up on it and then he'll get 'the fear'. Silly of me I know....but that's the thing about fear/phobias etc. So I will be the discombobulated (love that word) one today until our appointment this afternoon. Hopefully once that is out of the way then I'll be able to get back on a even keel and sort my head out and get out of the house a bit more. This weekend there is a couple of things on locally that I'd quite like to check out but we'll see. Normally the closer they get, the less like a good idea they seem. The strange thing is, loads of people know I have this including friends etc and not one fucker ever offers any kind of support. Hmmmm I can tell you next time a friend asks for help they will get well and truly told to go fuck themselves!

Spider News.

It's official - we now have two males (Humbug and Diego), one female (Doris - still another moult would be good to confirm it) and two don't knows. Colemans moulted over the weekend, He's still all hunched up, clearly much bigger, but still a juvenile. Tiny is still juvenile too. Animal husbandry is much easier now that J's stick insects and the Triops have gone. All the furry dudes and dudettes are good!


Oooooo Rowan 4ply cotton - my poor sore hands. The area between thumb and forefinger is so sore. That yarn is so hard on the hands. Still Isabella progresses - albeit slowly due to the above.

Ribbed cardi - 2nd front almost done.

Sahara - am at the waist shaping.

Shawl - temp abandonment.

Socks - good progress but neglected for other stuff. I have 1 complete plain sock and 1/4 of its mate. 2/3 of Lorna's Laces Monkey complete. Ankle geisha socks - 1 complete and it's mate 2/3 done. J's bed socks 1 complete and it's mate - not yet started.

M's latest hat - in limbo.

Spinning - have almost finished the 1st plait of Corriedale Wizz - so almost 200g spun.

Reading - almost finished 'Roots' - about time I got around to reading this. Tis an excellent read.

That's it - up to date.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Hi-di-hi campers.

Well the boys are back from their lone camping trip. Not sure if it was a success as M has come home a bit discombobulated and J is being J-ish. They took some nice pictures of the animals at the sites petting area (animals people - put your minds above the waist...please). Isn't this a fine goat very handsome. I think M had some beard envy here.
The only kind of kid I actually like :-)
M's kindred spirit and soul mate. H adores pigs and I am informed this one was very gentle and adored having its nose scritched.
The kiddies raving with Glo Sticks!

I'm kind of glad I didn't go - they did seem to have a good time etc and the weather held. But my head was not in the right place to be social and I had bad PMT etc. I vented my grumpies on cleaning out J's 'Pit of Peril' - his bedroom. I deserve a medal for it, I can tell you it was awful - mucky little bleeder. He came home to new strict rules for bedroom tidiness - I was not a popular Mother.

I didn't knit much as I was too busy doing cleaning etc catching up on jobs that are better done without men and brats under foot. I really noticed how easy it is to keep everything tidy when the house is man/boy free. The came home Saturday and chaos ensued *sigh*.

I did miss them though but in a good way. M says he doesn't think he'd like to go without me again - he needs someone to nag him ;-) that's why!

Friday, June 01, 2007

I can hear a .......

pin drop!

How? Why?

Cos I'm here all alone. The boys went camping. Do you realise that this is the first time, since J became home-educated, that I've been alone for more than a couple of hours? Even Ma is out at the moment. The house is silent.

Yesterday I felt kind of lost. It felt very strange trying to sleep alone in our big bed. If Loobles wasn't so smelly and gassy I would have let her sleep on the bed. Conkers came up on the bed for a while, but being a self contained kitty, he likes to sleep alone at the foot of the bed, not snugly with Mummy :-(

So now the whole day stretches before me to fill. Don't worry......I have plenty to keep me occupied, in fact it's something of a treat - guilt free loafing - love it!

They're back tomorrow. I do miss them. But this is nice too.