Monday, June 11, 2007

Part one.

A sense of satisfaction and aching feet = a good day out at Groombridge The kids romped played on the giant tree swings, discovered all the mysteries of the Enchanted Forest ate ice creams and generally had fun. The adults ambled in the heat, played on the giant tree swings too and ate ice creams.

One of the highlights of a visit is the displays by the Raptor Centre. The bird above is called Jack and he is a Jackal/Augur Buzzard - they fly the birds close to dispel myths and fears and this guy flew so close my hair ruffled. The owls in Part two are theirs as well. They provide a lot of information which is very educational as well as entertaining. They have an interesting site with lots of photos - here Totem pole!
The arse view of a displaying peacock - I'd never noticed the fuzzy bit before!
J by the Mystic Pool. The forest has hidden things, magic things, active things and weird things - perfect for children who have an active imagination and a love of exploring.

They also had a Medieval Festival with archery, weapons, armour and and insight to how they lived when encamped - interesting if a little bizarre.

The gardens were so beautiful at this time of year - everything fresh and blooming - even me - who dislikes open and formal gardens couldn't help but be astounded at it elegance and charm.

Other stuff.

No I didn't knit in public - why? Why not. It's not my scene and it's sheepy! Baaaa-baaaaaaa. Heads up to those who did though.

Isabella is knit - hoo-fucking-rah! Needs blocking, sewing and armholes. Still not certain but relieved the knitting is almost complete - 16 rows approx for armholes left. I'll post a piccie when it's done.

Hardly any knitting/spinning over the weekend. Saturday was baking day and Sunday we left at 10.00am got back at 6.00pm - ate tea, vegged out and I fell asleep in front of the TV and missed half of the David Dimbleby programmed on Britain's Buildings - pah - hopefully they will repeat on BBC 4 soon!

Today I am making up for missed knitting and spinning time. J is knackered so a quiet day all round I think - a bit of relaxing sounds good.

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Jo said...

This looks like a great place to visit, we drove all the way to Seven Sisters only to find that it was closed, so I'll put this one on the top of the list for next time!