Tuesday, June 19, 2007

WIP along.

Toggle of Toggle Knits Blog http://toggleknits.blogspot.com/ has started a work in progress along - brilliant idea.

You are not allowed to cast on for anything new until two WIP's become FO's!

Just the motivation I need to finish up stuff that is laying around. My WIP pile actually isn't too bad but I am very naughty at abandoning old for new. So this will be the kick-up-the-bum I need.

Here are my WIP's that I need to finish;

Four pairs of socks - M's, J's, Geisha trainer socks, Monkey. As of 23/06 - 2 pairs completed! Monkey socks - Finished!
M's alpaca hat.
Ribbed cardigan from Textured Knits for me.
Sahara long sleeve tunic.
Throw/wrap in KnitPicks Shimmer. Finished 01/07/2007.
Felted bag -that is only about 3 years in the making so far *sigh* - I got bored!

That's it. I am officially abandoning the lace cardi that I started over 10 years ago - as by now it wouldn't fit me tits! And the mohair wrap cardi from Rebecca - cos now I'm 1/2 way through knitting it - I don't like it.

May all my WIP-KAL good intentions stay strong!

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Jo said...

I'm always impressed at peoples wips, when mine is usually only 1 or max of 2, saying that I do have a few of yarns in progress, and ab up stash of dyed fibre, waiting to be spun instead, and dyed some more yesterday too!