Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dental update.

It was a long day and a long wait.

I have beautiful teeth ;-) matches the rest of me, heh! I have excellent oral hygiene, need to be more gentle when cleaning though. Dentist doesn't want to see me for a year - hurrah! I know I'm lucky to be 40 with NO fillings etc - it is a blessing I count.

J has excellent oral hygiene. His stuck wobbler's will come out naturally in the next month or so. The only downside is, in taking after me, he has an impacted jaw and will need braces for 90% of his adult teeth *sigh* he is OK with this. I had to have surgery to sort out mine, I think braces much a better option.

M breathed a sigh of relief. He wasn't taken to the dentist as a child and has had dental problems most of his adult life. Today the dentist found no problems and congratulated him on how much improvement he'd made in his oral care and confirmed that it really does make a difference.

So 3 happy bunnies, no dentistry problems. Still glad it's over and done with though!


Anonymous said...

Hello, i found your blog by accident, glad i did! I am actually married to a dentist, but the fear is still there. Don't have any reason to be afraid cos like you i have no fillings,never needed a brace etc.Told said husband that "M" didnt see a dentist til he was an adult. Reply was WHY?. Anyway, keep up the good work. New to this lark, will register my details later. C.R

peri said...

Ahhh 'M' didn't go to to the dentist because his parents only went if there was a problem. He only went when toothache got so bad he couldn't take it anymore. So when he started going regularly in his late teens, he needed so much work - it was not pleasant for him. Since I've known him (24 years) he's gone twice a year for checkups and has had any work needed done straight away. He still dislikes it as he associates it with his fear and pain that he suffered in childhood.

Look foward to reading/your blog when you get it up and running C.R.