Monday, June 18, 2007

Spun and done!

Falkland roving spun and plied, washed and dried. It's lovely. I am happy with it.
It has a lovely sheen and the colours blended really well.
Have another 50g to spin - already started :-)

Other stuff.

New curtains all made and hung. Conkers has been warned that his cute fluffy butt is in peril if he tears these ones.

J has adopted a caterpillar - Mullion Moth - called ......wait for it...............Wormy - yay for Spongebob! I never realised how much these little suckers shit!

Oooooo tattie-a-licious - the veggie patch is bursting full of tattie goodness. The onions started to bolt but M got them just in time.

Lots of sock knitting has occurred - especially on Saturday - tedious visitors *yawn*.

Haircut tomorrow - boy has it grown, like a weed. I think I'll go really short for the summer and then grow it out again over the winter. It never takes long.

Yesterday was a lovely day - Fathers Day - we asked J what shall we do? Shall we go here or there? He opted to have a PJ day - which was fine with us. M had had an hectic week, I was still getting over my cold. So we had a naughty brunch (full English) and spent the day pursuing our hobbies etc. M played his bass, I read, spun and knitted and J made Lego, played computer games and watched a film. It was really nice and relaxing and I think all of us feel better for it.

Fathers Day is a double edged sword for M and I. Firstly, because we've both lost our Dads - M's still fairly recently - it brings the sense of loss to the fore front of your mind. J never met my Dad and lost Grandad B when he was 4. Secondly, we for a very long time, believed we'd never have kids and so would never have someone to make us cards and gifts. J made M a really beautiful card which I know meant an awful lot to M. For all that he can be a pain - our kid is smashing and we love him to bits!

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