Monday, June 11, 2007


Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit. In the words of the old Volvo car add - 'Boxy but good'. It's knitted up fine and if I was two sizes bigger and shorter in the body it would be great. I knitted a larger size to accommodate my boobage - which fits ok. Bit baggy under the arms but ok. The pattern is cool - with the corrections someone made on the Knitty forum works out fine. It's good if tedious knit. But it makes me look like a pale green box and I feel as large as a house it in - not flattering. Gok from 'How to look good naked (channel 4) would have a fit at the size I must see myself as to wear this!!! I need at least another 3 inches on my hips and waist.

So I must either consign it to the frog pond - but as I dislike Rowan cotton 4 ply so much I may never knit with it again or donate to someone it might fit or consign it to the wear when you already feel ugly and no-one will see you today pile.

If you have a 44" bust like green and want it.........shout!

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