Friday, June 01, 2007

I can hear a .......

pin drop!

How? Why?

Cos I'm here all alone. The boys went camping. Do you realise that this is the first time, since J became home-educated, that I've been alone for more than a couple of hours? Even Ma is out at the moment. The house is silent.

Yesterday I felt kind of lost. It felt very strange trying to sleep alone in our big bed. If Loobles wasn't so smelly and gassy I would have let her sleep on the bed. Conkers came up on the bed for a while, but being a self contained kitty, he likes to sleep alone at the foot of the bed, not snugly with Mummy :-(

So now the whole day stretches before me to fill. Don't worry......I have plenty to keep me occupied, in fact it's something of a treat - guilt free loafing - love it!

They're back tomorrow. I do miss them. But this is nice too.

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