Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Welcome to Little Whingeing.

We are due to go camping this week - to make up for missing out last time. But here's the rub, firstly it's an abysmal weather forecast (hurrah!) not that the weather wigs me out too much but secondly my period is due. I have raging PMT today, headache, grumps, cramps etc. The thought of trying to camp whilst on fills me with dread. I have periods from hell! On a good night I need to use the bathroom at least 4 times - without being TMI - this isn't a quick wee in a bucket, this is a visit to Sweeney Todds - and if it's pissing with rain and blowing a hooley - well fun it ain't! Last month my period was a week late, I think I am perimenopausal, my dates are getting less easy to calculate. If I'd been on time I'd be due today, going on last months late date I'm due on Sunday - but it could arrive at anytime between. So I'm torn - I am at this time still planning to go - but must also think that if it is bad weather etc and it does arrive early then I'll have to stay home......again!

I've said to M that if he still wants to take J, I'm cool with that (I'm not really - but don't want to disappoint J again) he's kind of OK with it but as we have only ever been apart for 6 nights in total since we got married almost 20 years ago *gulp* neither of us is truly happy (4 of those nights were when I gave birth to J).

This could also mean that my attending the Big Knit In 03.06.2007 is jeopardy *big fat sigh* sometimes I hate the mechanisms of womanhood.

What should have been a blinding week may turn into a washout....am I a happy bunny? Not really.

On a more positive note. This morning J stripped my Mums bed ready for her to change her sheets, thinking that it was Monday (yesterday was a bank holiday so his week clock is out), poor Ma came in from the garden, he greeted her with his helpful news......she'd changed her bed etc yesterday and had to remake again from scratch. J is still saying sorry. Lucky Ma found it funny. Sometimes the 'Helpful Harry's' make more work than help. Still his intentions were sweet!

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