Thursday, May 24, 2007


There is twaddle and there is pretentious twaddle. I seem to come across a lot of the latter. Perhaps I am as guilty of twaddle as the next person, if so I sincerely apologise to anyone who feels they need an apology.

I feel a sense of dissatisfaction that is hard to understand. I have an overwhelming feeling of intolerance too. Why?

Because of all the pretentious twaddle in the world. Good honest opinions rock but mealy mouthed, p.c spouting, vomiting of popular 'right-on' opinions well and truly suck.

Please stop looking and agonising over layers of meaning. Read, digest, understand and move on people. Regurgitating twaddle is bad for your inner-self, soul, karma, spirit - choose one that works for you.

Finally, whilst still in 'moan up' mode.

Children are children - they are not a blank slate (tabula rasa), it doesn't matter if its nature or nurture or both, what they are 'in to' today most likely will fall by the wayside by adulthood - love them and let them be children. Free to grow, play and be where they need to be now. Seven years of studying childhood and children, their society, their psychology, their worlds and I now realise that 'smother love' and 'prodigy love' are such dangerous things. Parents need to let their kids have time to be, in an environment where they are content. They have their whole lives to charge around and fit stuff in - adult lives. Now is the time to be.

This is my one and only or maybe final piece of pretentious twaddle - now I need to go stick my head in a bucket of cold water before the infection spreads and I find myself going all pc *runs off screaming*

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