Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I just love Lorna's Laces sock yarn - it is so pretty. The orangey colour (Neon) is already on the needles - I've worked out a groovy design for this yarn.
Am a bit better, but still feel weak. I have periods of feeling A-OK and them zammo I feel ill and washed out again and boy do I ache. But still it's better than it was. We have re-planned our camping trip to go in two weeks. Different campsite but still one that looks good. Our friends we camp with can make it (half-term) too so J will have buddies to romp with. Now just need to sacrifice .....mmmm a pigeon maybe......to the weather gods.
M took me yarn shopping on Saturday to make up for missing camp. Bought enough yarn to make Sahara by Wendy Bernard am at the waist shaping already. It's a great pattern very well written and clear to understand. Am caught up in sock fever today but may return to Sahara this evening.
Other knitting items are also progressing. Isabella is abandoned but not forgotten....I got bored *sigh* all the 4ply cotton st-st, but I will finish it. My rib cardi is progressing and am still enjoying the pattern but I am an unfaithful knitting and am flirting with Sahara instead.
Sock challenge - completed. 2nd sock took a bit longer (8hrs 20 mins) so total for a pair of Monkey socks 15hour and 5 minutes. Not too shabby I think.
Have plied a 2nd skein of Wizz....so pretty. Am spinning single for skein 3 already. Can't wait to knit with it now.
Secret boy birthday shopping is underway. No party this year (again) he wants to go camping and go for a meal in his favourite Indian Restaurant - my-oh-my is he growing up.
DON'T FORGET THE BIG KNIT IN - 03/06/07 - in Brighton - Art College @ Grand Parade - be there or be a big meanie!


Peatbogfaery said...

Hope you're all better now! Maybe a meme will help! *tag* Muahaha...

glittrgirl said...

Gah! She tagged me too! That yarn looks GORGEOUS!