Friday, May 04, 2007

Poor J.

He is a little sad today. Due to an amazing drop in overnight temperature last night, the Triops (Biggie-smalls and Smallie-big) are no more as is David the Fairy Shrimp. I left the heat lamp on until 11.00pm and when I woke about 6.30am there was no sign of life. M (big brave male) investigated and found we had deceased weird things on our hands. They have been flushed to a better life, with dignity. J hummed the funeral march then kasploosh, gurgle and they were gone.

Yay! I've got my bedroom desk back - now I can use my sewing machine and hopefully next week can put that dress (I cut out ages ago) together.

Weird thing is, I said as a joke to J yesterday (he did know I was messing) that I wished the Triops would hurry up and die. He now thinks I hexed them *rolls eyes* as if.

M is off call and has a few days off - as it's a bank holiday - he took a couple of extra days - we plan a weekend of 'dossing' - so hopefully lots and lots of time to spin and knit. But before all that I must away with a smoothing iron and do the dance of drear with the Dyson.


Sarah said...

Awww, poor J and triops.

But, I must say, your spinning is wonderful! And, the Diamond socks are very nice!

glittrgirl said...

Hugs to the boys! Hope you are enjoying your Bank Holiday!