Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Seven random things about me -wtf ?!!

I can't think of one let alone 7 *scratches head & looks pathetic*.

1) My Dad built and drove race cars all my life, M raced too and trained as a driving instructor but I can't drive!

2) I'm scared of flying.

3) I am an atheist.

4) I don't actually know/remember what my natural hair colour is - last time I saw it I was 13.

5) I get very annoyed with the use of the phrase 'at the end of the day' I always interject with the retort 'it's night!'

6) I hate cooking and hardly ever do - but actually can cook and am quite good at it.

7) I am probably the most bad tempered person I know.

OK thought of 7 - am not tagging anyone - cos all the bloggers I can think of have done this one. However, if you fancy it....fill your boots!

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