Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A weird mix.

This is the Corriedale roving that I got from Angela at http://www.fairislefibers.co.uk/ in the colourway called 'Wizz' (pictures of roving plaits on a previous post). I couldn't wait to start spinning this and as my knee felt better today.......well this is it so far. It spins like a dream, absolutely gorgeous. The colour blend is lovely and not quite a bright IRL. So if you are in need of delicious roving in the grooviest of colours may I suggest you talk to Angela - her stuff so rocks! I can' t wait to carry on spinning this just so I can see what it's like when it's plied.
As the title suggests a strange mix of subjects - but hey who cares? The boys went off for some 'man' time at the weekend and here they are in front of a Spitfire at http://www.tangmere-museum.org.uk/ they had a great time. J loves planes and M said the displays of WWII stuff and the stories connected to them was extremely moving.
The boys agree this place is well worth a visit. One of the museum staff (who also gave J a couple of aeroplane magazines to bring home - what a nice person!) let him behind the barrier for this picture. J was totally made up.

On the way home they detoured to http://www.bairdsfarmshop.co.uk/ to get the meat for Sundays dinner. The piece of beef M chose was the tenderest, nicest piece of beef I have ever eaten. We have also sampled the South Downs Lamb - lovely, local bacon - delicious, local eggs - amazing and one of their home-made steak, mushroom and Guinness pies - wonderful!

Thinking of wonderful and food in one sentence. M made his own recipe stuffed mushrooms for dinner last night - truly they are like angels crying on your tongue - I still adore veggie food even though I am now a carnivore - and these mushrooms had all that is best about vegetarian cookery in them.

Lastly....almost.....finished some socks yesterday but they are a gift so no piccies - apart from that no other new knitting news.

And now really, finally - still have two Triops and one Fairy Shrimp - they just get weirder. The Triops are really big and the bigger they get the stranger they are!

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