Saturday, May 26, 2007

Llama-drama and Alpaca-tastic mate!

Today we toddled off to Ashdown Forest Llama Park . We had a great time oodles of lovely animals. The baby Alpaca above had just been sheared and looked kind of cute with his poodle hair style. He was still quite small and rather shy.
This is a young llama who is getting used to people, being handled and led on a rein. You can book and do 'llama treks' -we didn't but I'd like to. Look at his two bottom teeth. He was quite friendly.
Another lovely Alpaca - I think is was a 'suri' all the others were sheared by not Mr Shaggy here. We could hear their teeth tearing at the grass. Though all of the Alpaca stopped munching and stared as M walked by.....wonder why?
This lovely Llama kept staring but every time we put up the camera he looked down and started munching again - we caught him out eventually. The rain held off for us and we took the long route around the park. Wonderful views, lots of great trees, adders (but we didn't see any), sheepies and their lambs. Interesting museum and J and I did the quiz sheet.

They also have reindeer - very cute - may post a photo next time.

Anyway after a nice walk we adjourned to the lovely coffee shop for a little indulge in tea and cake - one of the best chocolate Floretines I've ever had - so big I couldn't eat all. M had a enormous slice of Victoria Sandwich, J opted for choccie milk and a llama shaped biscuit. Then we had a good look around the shop - lots of lovely stuff and a small boy and 1/2 his pocket money were soon parted (the other 1/2 he has decided to give to charity this month after seeing a TV appeal).

A good time was had by all - would happily go back again!

We will round off the day with a lovely curry,a bottle of plonk and Dr Who.......perfect.


Zonda said...

Oh, they are kinda cute!! Sounds like a lovely day! :)

glittrgirl said...

That sounds a perfect day! Those llamas are SOOOOOO cute!!!!