Tuesday, September 09, 2014

End of an era.

As of yesterday I am no longer a home educating Mum. J started college.

He did an extra year of IGCSE's because he wanted to start on a Level 2 course and he didn't have quite enough to do it, but this year he got the exams he needed and that allowed me to pass on his educational baton to the professionals.

Part of me is sad, but most of me is glad. Glad to see him spread his wings, move on and grow as a human being (in J's case I use that term very lightly). It is the right time for all of us. It does feel a bit strange, not to be planning his study every week or discussing course work with him in great detail every evening. It also feels good not be nagging him as well.

I am looking forward to supporting him, watching him and hope he flies high and free from now on.