Sunday, April 14, 2013

Decisions, decisions the sequel....

Two photos here - same yarn. Top example knit today on 3mm, bottom were knit a few weeks back on 4mm and there are a couple of stitch patterns in there I abandoned - the scallop and the seaweed are in there. The yarn is by The Uncommon Thread it is their silky merino fingering in the colourway Leaden. It is the finest of the yarns I've swatched - the drape is to die for but I am not a sure about the definition for this project.

So now I need to choose? Not easy, all lovely.

Decisions, decisions...?

I have an idea for a lovely project (been fiddling about with it for about a month now). I want to make something using colours found in nature that also uses stitch textures that reflect the 'nature theme'. These are the swatches drying.

First up - Eden Cottage SW Merino 4ply in Pendle (very strong teal IRL) - knit on 3mm needle. The stitches up for ponder are seaweed (definite), scallop, moss and clove. This yarn has reasonable drape and stitch definition - it is clearer in photo than in real life.

BFL/Silk blend in sock weight (I have lost the label for this - got it at Woolfest 2012) knit on 3mm - same stitches. Reasonable definition and wonderful drape. It is a semi solid and the colour is a real summer sky blue.

Dream in Colour Smooshy Sock in SW Merino - Happy Forest (the two strands next to it are other colour possibilities) knit on 3mm. Totally wonderful definition, not so good on drape but it is soft and squishy instead.

There is one more option - which blogger won't let me post here so second post follows.....bear with me.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

And the reading goes on

Lets start with audio books;

Little Women and An Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Aldcott

The first is an old favourite from childhood. It is a hot buttered crumpet of a book and I grew up wanting to be Jo so much. It has never lost its magic for me. The second I just downloaded because I had never heard of it. I loved it. It has the same magic and sense of comfort as the other and I am so pleased I found it.

Bear Creek Collection - vol 1 by Robert E Howard

Another happy accident. Bit boys own but I really enjoyed them. Very nicely narrated too. Not a lot you can empathise with but a romping good listen. Bit like a marmite and cheese sarnie - satisfying with a bit of bite.

Books now - all on Kindle this time.

A friend recommended Jenny Colgan and as I had just read a bit of a weird book (details follow) I needed a bit of froth. So back to back I read 'Rosie Hopkin's Sweetshop of Dreams', 'Meet me at the Cupcake Cafe' and 'The Loveliest Chocolate Shop In Paris'. I liked them all. They did what it said on the tin, to quote an old TV advert, they eased my mind and soothed me like a good cup of tea and Rich Tea Finger. I still prefer other chick lit authors, I needed a bit more zest and humour for my personal taste, but I shall read more. I have one more already downloaded. I suspect that that one will be enough though.

Blue Smoke and Madness by Lisa C Hinsley

Quirky, disturbing and a bit weird. I liked it but it left a nasty taste and the ending is rushed. The whole book is a guessing game of madness, delusion or fantasy reality. There are some nasty disturbing chapters that are a bit churning - including a fairly graphic rape scene. It isn't a book I'd go out of my way to recommend to anyone really but I wouldn't be adverse to giving this author another read in the future.

Good Husband Material by Tricia Ashley

Another 'tin' fulfilling its promise here. Read it for the hero! Plus the fact that most chapters end with a little paragraph or two from his prospective which made a refreshing change. I like this author a lot and her books have a nice cosy comfort feel - bit like a modern Miss Read with recipes and romance, this one was less so, but still a good read.

The Griffin Cryer by Julia Hughes

Aimed at the teen market and another rushed ending but that aside I liked it. Bonus that it although it had a partial school setting, it was set in the UK. The story is different - no vampires and star crossed lovers - clever twists and open to a follow up. A quick and enjoyable read.

Cinderella Chronicles by Lisa Renee Jones

One novel, two short stories or novellas. If you like fairly obvious romance interspersed with sex and quite a lot of sex then you will love this. Me? I got a bit bored but for a freebie it was an OK read I suppose. Not really my cuppa tea.


Not the most inspiring photo but at least it shows it is off the last....only been on there since Oct.

The pattern is from the book Knitted Lace of Estonia and includes lots and lots of nupps (bobble type things for non-lace knitters) which is why is took me so long....I suffer from nupp fatigue. I knit mine using Rowan Lace, it took 1.5 balls, and the red is much nicer and vibrant in real life. Will take some arty shots when it is dry. I used a Knit Pro Cube circular at 3mm - great needle, no clicking and a really sharp point.

I also finished this crochet bag (my 2nd one - the other was a gift for a friend - I liked it so much I made one for me). The pattern for this can be found either on Ravelry or on Attic 24, which is a lovely crochet blog, full of colour and charm and some rather nice patterns as well.

I have been trying to clear the decks of my knitting projects one by one and also completed a sock, sadly its mate is still unknitted though but at least I have two less projects on the go.

Still on the needles is a lovely 3/4 Hap Shawl, pattern by Veera Valimaki which I am knitting in yarn from The Uncommon Thread using their merino fingering in Lust and Cobble. The yarn is soft and the colours have real lustre. I think it will be so pretty once it is finished. (I am 2/3 of way through it).

I also have a long term lace weight yarn cardigan on the needles and the other sock. The only other knitting is a monster (toy) project for a mates baby boy - which I started today and it meant I had to go and relearn the 'magic loop' method because it is so long since I've used it, I couldn't quite remember how it worked.

I have loads of stuff queued up in my head that I want to make but still need to clear the decks a bit more before casting on.....hahaha almost convinced myself then!