Thursday, April 11, 2013


Not the most inspiring photo but at least it shows it is off the last....only been on there since Oct.

The pattern is from the book Knitted Lace of Estonia and includes lots and lots of nupps (bobble type things for non-lace knitters) which is why is took me so long....I suffer from nupp fatigue. I knit mine using Rowan Lace, it took 1.5 balls, and the red is much nicer and vibrant in real life. Will take some arty shots when it is dry. I used a Knit Pro Cube circular at 3mm - great needle, no clicking and a really sharp point.

I also finished this crochet bag (my 2nd one - the other was a gift for a friend - I liked it so much I made one for me). The pattern for this can be found either on Ravelry or on Attic 24, which is a lovely crochet blog, full of colour and charm and some rather nice patterns as well.

I have been trying to clear the decks of my knitting projects one by one and also completed a sock, sadly its mate is still unknitted though but at least I have two less projects on the go.

Still on the needles is a lovely 3/4 Hap Shawl, pattern by Veera Valimaki which I am knitting in yarn from The Uncommon Thread using their merino fingering in Lust and Cobble. The yarn is soft and the colours have real lustre. I think it will be so pretty once it is finished. (I am 2/3 of way through it).

I also have a long term lace weight yarn cardigan on the needles and the other sock. The only other knitting is a monster (toy) project for a mates baby boy - which I started today and it meant I had to go and relearn the 'magic loop' method because it is so long since I've used it, I couldn't quite remember how it worked.

I have loads of stuff queued up in my head that I want to make but still need to clear the decks a bit more before casting on.....hahaha almost convinced myself then!

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