Friday, June 15, 2007

Old dog.........

new tricks! Below are some plain Reggia cotton Indian Color socks but for the 1st time in my knitting life they have a short row heel and were knitted on 2 circs. Well you have to try these things ;-) I didn't use the short row on the toe as I didn't like it as much as my normal toe but the heel is ok. It is much quicker than a heel flap etc but is shallower than I am used to.

Here is the current status of the Falkland roving - it spins up real nice.
Am still suffering from a heavy summer cold. But still, two FO's in one week isn't too bad is it?
Right off to boot sewing machine in to life. Conkers McBonkers finally did for the bathroom curtain last night on a mammoth moth hunt - his interior decorating style leaves a lot to be desired especially with the ragged Cinderella look! I found some muslin's, I bought from Ikea years ago, in the hall cupboard, floor length and tagged, same as our lounge ones. They can be re-built (lol) into suitable bathroom and bedroom curtains......cue lots of bad language......I hate making curtains.


Maggie said...

Beautiful socks!

Have you plans for the lovely Falkland wool yet?

Best wishes from rather grey Liverpool - at least it isn't raining at the moment!

Zonda said...

Love the colors in the socks! Beautiful Falkland wool too!

My cat loves to do the same thing. My curtains all over the house have interesting pinholes! :)

Jo said...

Absolutely flippin gorgeous socks, great colours, my last pair was short row heel on two circulars, I kind of liked the circs as oppose to double points, I did paired increases on the toe, great job with the Falkland wool too!

LadyLungDoc said...

Try doing the short row heels over a larger percentage of the stitches to make them deeper. I have seen patterns that suggest you knit the short rows over 50% of the sole stitches, but I always do it over 60%.