Sunday, June 24, 2007


I have been.............mostly spinning :-D
As rain stopped our planned trip to Port Lympne (boohoo) I thought I'd play with my wheelie friend and I also carried on spinning the Falkland on Lewis - can't have him feeling left out *joke* - now I just have decided his future, no hurry - but do I need to have 2 wheels?

Now as it is STILL raining, it is time for ...........some................knitting!

Port Lympne- has been rain-checked for a free weekend when the weather is better. J isn't too disappointed - even though this is the 2nd weekend that rain has fucked up our plans - he's just focusing on his forthcoming 10th birthday - cue one over excited boy by Wednesday night!


Jo said...

I need two wheels, infact I'd like half a dozen and a spinning and dye studio, and with weather like today a proper drying room too, I don't want much, tee hee! That green looks good, and the coral too.

Batty said...