Saturday, June 23, 2007

I know, I know.....

3 posts in one day, is overload. But I just couldn't wait.......M finished putting my wheel together. Isn't it a little beauty? The Danish Oil has really brought out the shine of the wood. (I notice he had to get his bass in the background *sigh*). You can also see Lewis as well.
Close up of wood and built in lazy kate.
Oooooo my first spin.
BFL hand dyed by moi - using up some old Koolaid. It is a much softer fibre than I've spun before and the double treadle felt a bit strange at first, but it was like riding a bike, I felt at home with the wheel almost straight away. It is lovely and smooth. Now I just need to name it.

*******Dr Who********

Was totally brilliant tonight. I love John Sim - absolutely perfect in that role!


Maggie said...

Lovely - lucky you! Maybe I'll get the energy to clean up my Ashford this week. Looking at other folks spinning and knitting is quite inspiring.

Jo said...

It looks great Peri, but neither of mine have got proper names yet, although I keep trying to find a ftting name for the Joy.

Batty said...

So pretty, and your spinning is so even. I want a wheel!

Zonda said...

Yay for you! Looking good!