Monday, June 04, 2007

Hi-di-hi campers.

Well the boys are back from their lone camping trip. Not sure if it was a success as M has come home a bit discombobulated and J is being J-ish. They took some nice pictures of the animals at the sites petting area (animals people - put your minds above the waist...please). Isn't this a fine goat very handsome. I think M had some beard envy here.
The only kind of kid I actually like :-)
M's kindred spirit and soul mate. H adores pigs and I am informed this one was very gentle and adored having its nose scritched.
The kiddies raving with Glo Sticks!

I'm kind of glad I didn't go - they did seem to have a good time etc and the weather held. But my head was not in the right place to be social and I had bad PMT etc. I vented my grumpies on cleaning out J's 'Pit of Peril' - his bedroom. I deserve a medal for it, I can tell you it was awful - mucky little bleeder. He came home to new strict rules for bedroom tidiness - I was not a popular Mother.

I didn't knit much as I was too busy doing cleaning etc catching up on jobs that are better done without men and brats under foot. I really noticed how easy it is to keep everything tidy when the house is man/boy free. The came home Saturday and chaos ensued *sigh*.

I did miss them though but in a good way. M says he doesn't think he'd like to go without me again - he needs someone to nag him ;-) that's why!

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