Friday, June 22, 2007's here!

Mr Postie just rang our bell. He had a big juicy parcel addressed to me. The corrugated cardboard was quickly dealt with and there was this lovely box with blue writing stating.......

'Traveller Spinning Wheel'

My very own, brand new Ashford double treadle wheel. The wheel that I've always had my eye on and now I've got one *hugs self...........saddo*.

M has worked out the best treatment for the wood and has promised to treat and assemble it for me. There isn't any rush as I still have the wonderful Haldane Lewis and as I've waited this long a few more days or so won't make a lot of difference.

Now I'm off to read the bumph that came with it..........S'later!


Batty said...

Gasp! Let me know how it works, I've been ogling that one for a while!

Annie said...

Jealous? Me? No... no...really
*Desperately thinks of ways to break in to Peri's house*

Maggie said...

Oh dearie me, you are hooked aren't you! Look forward to seeing pics and samples. Envy envy! ;-) Have fun!