Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A difficult day.

This is my dog Lou-Lou (aka Loobles, Ooo-loo-poo-loo, Ooble-dooble -you get it) she is 12 years old now. She is very spotty and very smelly! She farts like an ole tramp who sleeps under the pier. She will eat anything - especially the neighbours cats poo. She will raid the bin. She will role in anything smelly. But in spite of all this ................... we love her lots.

Yesterday morning, M passed a comment she was sitting funny, but she got up, moved around, ate her breakfast biscuits. Everyone then went off, leaving just J and I. I was blog reading, I glanced across at the dog and it looked like she was squatting.......wee-wee squatting! Now Booble-tastic is one of the cleanest dogs ever - as an adult dog she's made 1 mistake - and she was ill at the time. So I investigated, she looked awkward. I called her to come downstairs to go out into the garden. Halfway down the stairs she collapsed at the backend! I couldn't lift her, I was too scared to move her, J is too small to help. I eventually, a stair at a time, got her down and into the kitchen. She wouldn't go out and it appeared she couldn't actually squat properly or sit. I was trapped in a house, at least 3 miles from the nearest vet, with a kid and an immobile dog and I don't drive *sigh* - it was fast becoming one of those days and to top it all M was working miles aways on something he couldn't leave. As for Ma - helpful as ever - she'd not turned her mobile on and the vet, who doesn't make house calls, suggested that I could go to the emergency surgery.................7 miles away.

Anyway, to cut a long story short.............I made her as comfortable as possible. I got to eat something and got her to go for a pee. But she was not a happy puppy, you could see the pain in her expression. We got her to the vet when M finished work. She had a painkilling jab. We had to wait overnight.....if she was better then anti-inflam pills if not X-rays!

This morning she is a lot better *phew* she is still moving in a gingerly manner but she can get up and downstairs and has woofed and chased Conkers out of her favourite chair in the conservatory. Vet wants to see her in about a week. We are keeping everything crossed. She has joint problems anyway, lots of Dalmatians do. But this is the first time she has really seemed like and old dog and it's scary.

Finally, this morning Winston, the last remained Dachshund went out for a pee and started acting funny and squealing with pain.......guess where he is off to this afternoon? So both Ma and I are nursing creaking dogs this week.

Never mind, it could be worse and tomorrow is ............J's birthday - 10 years old and still a pain in the arse! Just physically a bigger one ;=)

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Queen of the froggers. said...

Gosh, poor dogs. I hope they are all better soon. That is suprising that the vet doesn't do housecalls.