Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Another post...blimey!

I received an anon comment on my 1st post yesterday. Someone thinks I have a lot of phobias and is concerned that they effect J's 'QOL' (quality of life). I originally, in anger, hit off a reply comment, which I then deleted as it was typed in the heat of the moment (never a good idea when your temper is as fiery as mine). However, I'd now like to address those points.

Firstly, I have 2 proper phobias. Agoraphobia - I've had this for a long time, it ebbs and flows. J has had a full explanation and understands fully. I work very hard to overcome it but occasionally I do have periods when it gets the better of me. At those times M, Ma and other family members help me out. My 2nd phobia is a minor one that J doesn't even know I have as I have never displayed it in front of him.....I dislike aeroplanes and flying....I still do it though. As for dentists, it's a dislike left over from childhood. I took J to the dentist with me from when he was a babe in arms. He has (as I stated yesterday) no fear or qualms about going and has lovely, well looked after teeth. Finally on this point, he shows no signs of agoraphobia and is a very happy, loving, well adjusted little tike.

To answer the other point about him being taken to school etc. As it says in my profile I am a SAHM who 'home educates'. He has a busy life with loads of friends and a much better social life than me. He has weekly hobbies and interests and spends a lot of time playing with other kids. If I cannot get him to the places he needs to go his Father - 'M' who equally shares a parenting role with me - takes him as he has flexible working hours. Also home educated kids socialise at a very different level than children in school. Ask anyone who has met J. Ask other home educators - he finds social contact and interactions everywhere and is well known in the local community as a friendly outgoing little boy. He has adult friends, teenage friends and toddler friends, he is not restricted to interacting with mainly his own age group as are many of his school going friends.

Finally, I have spent the last 7 years of my life, studying at degree level and above, childhood and child behaviour. I can assure you that my life and phobias DO NOT effect my only child (again my profile makes it clear I have just 1) in any detrimental way.

I hope this answers the points raised and puts your mind to rest. If you had read more of my blog perhaps you would have not needed to make your comment.

I have not allowed comments on this post. As I now have nothing further to say on this subject and normal knitty and banal service will resume later.