Friday, September 17, 2004

Just checking in.

It's been kinda quiet round here....mainly home-edding and having kids to play etc.

I think part of this is also post project lethargy.... I just can't be asked - know what I mean.

I did finish my Opal sock number 1 & started number 2. Did a bit of secret clanger/pullover knitting.

Still awaiting my new yarn/needles from LYS - they're out of the colour I ordered and are waiting for it to come in.

What else? ....... got bought a large bottle of my fav perfume from ML (it's our 17th wedding anniversary on Sunday) - he's such a sweetie.

One of our tarantulas is about to go into moult, the cat is mewing for food and attacking my knitting bag yet again.

I think I need to spend some time with my fabric stash as I have been having patchwork cravings recently but am lacking in inspiration ... it's that lethargy gig again. Normally at this time of year I get 3 months off from study but have chosen to carry straight on, I think because my breaks only small I just can't get motivated to do anything much. I think a nice quiet weekend, a couple of nice long dog walks and my zing will be back (fingers-crossed).

Anyway that's it for now from a zingless. lack-lustre little ole me.

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