Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Life has been a bit chaotic....

Where does the time go? I'm already back to studying and just seem to have so little time.

I did finish my 2nd pair of socks and have cast on/started pair number 3. Am also knitting in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino - a set of mits/hat/scarve for JL for Xmas in a lush red. Today I also approached a firm about knitting for them from home- I'm going to give it a try out and see how it goes. It doesn't pay much but every little helps.

Still ploughing through The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman- I just don't get the time to read.

Am orgainising JL's Monday group - trying to get a hall for the winter - don't think meeting in the park would be so much fun in November. All these little things eat into my day/week.

So with all that plus running a home, looking after the animals etc - I seem to have life just whizzing past at the moment.

What a I need is a go-fer or perhaps a housekeeper/accountant/ a foot rubber and a dispenser of pain killers. JL is playing his piano thing and has it on repeat of his fav tune - I think this is the 15th repeat- where is the screwdriver or failing that a hammer might do the job.........
Even the dogs gone to bed, she can't stand it anymore - I wonder if she'd squeeze up and let me join her?

Perhaps next time I post it will be less manic- right I'm off to remove some batteries.

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