Friday, September 03, 2004

Have had a hectic day or so - yesterday was studying then J had O to play, whilst the Mums' had a good old chat - especially about the home-ed discussion on BBC Radio 4 - what is with these people and socialisation - bah - humbug.

Then I had to dash of to my yoga class with the wonderful and flexible I.

Also yesterday was an anniversary -21 yrs since ML proposed to me - we are so sweeeeeet.

Today I've dropped J off for a full days play at another friends - so I can study again. When I got home my last essay had been returned with my best ever mark - hurrah for me.

The only knitting has been a brief flirt with my sock yesterday pm and frogging a pink cotton fan and feather tunic which I decided that the yarn was just to heavy for the pattern. So now I have 10 balls of peachy/pink 100% cotton dk and I'm not sure what to knit with it - decisions are tough.

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Faerynuff said...

Hi Peri,
What a lovely chatty blog you have created :o) I look forward to reading more about you...especially the home schooling (it is not for me as I am no where near disciplined enough, but admire those who do do it)

Posting photo's is easy once you have downloaded Hello, it then does it all for you. Click on the free photo hosting link when updating your profile for more info on it.

Better go and put the nappies in the wash...
Happy Blogging!
Ali x

P.S To allow everyone to see your blog, not just members you need to update your settings on the 'dashboard' page :o)