Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Catching up.

Life is very hectic (again) at the moment.

I did manage to knit J a Turtle though....I thought he'd like the spider monkey, but no, a Turtle no less, was his object of desire.

Tomorrow, might be a designated knitting day as the washing machine man is coming and their timings are legendary. Phone at 8.30am and we'll let you know what time he'll be there - ring, ring - 'Our engineer will be with you between 9 and 1 o'clock - only 4 hours then to sit about waiting for the door bell to ring then (if they're on time that is) - .

I am hating this years uni course - I thought the one I finished in Sept was dull but compared to this one, it was sparkling, bright and challenging, this one is full of P.C C***piness. I'm actually having to force myself to do it - not good - as I find it very easy to find ways to avoid studying.

Do you like the weather pixie? She's no good at the weather though - today she shows - sunshine and blue skies - it's grey, miserable and overcast - little pixie liar. It looks a bit like me though (she's cuter). And I'll have to change her to a brunette soon, as I'm fed with being a blonde and am going back to my natural dark brown, later this month - I do like to keep my hairdresser on her toes.

I'm still working out how to drive this blog thing- I want to put other stuff on my page but can't get my head around it - I'll have to ask ML - I might change my template too. Anyway that's about it for now, s'later.xxxx


Faerynuff said...

Morning Peri

The Weather Pixie is sweet isn't she. Mine has got the figure I want! Have you been to www.unkymoods.com ? It is another good site that you can use to put a cute pic on your blog.

Have you a photo of J's Turtle? It sounds wonderful.

Take care
Ali x

Faerynuff said...

ooh, you've changed!!!