Sunday, December 05, 2004

Adventures in weaving

This week I have been mostly weaving (if you never watched The Fast Show - this joke is wasted on you!) Below are pictures - of my new toy (early Xmas/Birthday present from ML) and my first efforts/attempt. I don't think it's too bad and boy did I have fun...I loves it I do!

Please excuse the early Xmas decorations - it's a long story - but we had to get something else out of the attic, the decorations were in the way, J saw them and the rest is history....please don't put them back in the attic Mum etc etc etc - so now they are up, much too early for my liking, but J is ecstatic!!

I'm off to find more wool from my stash, as this evening I want to warp it up again (no Scotty references, thank you very much!) and have another go.


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