Thursday, October 07, 2004

Catching up....................

OK - so I've been a bit tardy re posting of late - I'm sorry but shit happens and unfortunately it's been happening to me of late. Conflict and arseholes the works.
Today has been good though - lovely weather (oh god, how english) and a day when everything just works out.

Spent part of this eveing in the Knitty chatroom - lovely people - just been checking their blogs -they all have links and cool piccies, makes mine look piss poor - oh well still learning. The other part I've spent trying to sort out conflict in JL's home-ed group. The kids get on fine-----but the bloody parents!

Why can't adults be more adult?

On the knitting front - ok socks progressing, JL's very boring basket weave scarf progressing, felted bag progessing - everything else - stagnating.

Study is going ok - very boring though - procrastination rules in the Lainch household.

Book, 1 chapter to go - so that's where I'm a heading now............goodnight

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