Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mrs Grunty's report is brought to by the word.......


Me and the Bogey got mail from Wynters who does live not in Brighton but somewheres else with a big bully (breed not nature) called Gryff who I am informed has a large snorgly hooter - but I digress. Well, anyways their MF had to send stuff to our MF and Wynters and Gryff snuck in pen-pal letter and some Sossidges!

We's never had no sossidge before -the picture is of me tasting it thru the wrapper -  it smelt of NOM even when wrapped. We had it chopped up on our dins and we both loved it - so much that we have demanded a regular supplied be kept in our cupboard for regular chow downs.

The only downside is the official food taster of the Royal Household - aka Conkers McBonkers of the Order of the 'Kitty Buttons' had to taste the lovely sossidge first to make sure it was palatable and now he wants regular sossidge noms too! I hate having to share - Bogey is bad enough but a cat ....pffft!

Signing off now as is time for after dinner plays in which I harass the Bogster until he chases me and I have a pigbat attack and then we has nibbly-bibblies!

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