Friday, January 06, 2006

I'm so excited

I can't wait to go away for our romantic, smoochy and spa-ish mid week break. We leave early Monday - wheeeee!

Grandma is boy sitting (not literally - doh) he's going to be spoilt rotten - so he's excited too. I do miss him when we go away as a couple (I phone him everyday) but it's good for us to have time to be a couple, something I think that home-eding parents lack more as we don't offload the kids to school and other peoples care that much ;0) I know it's a personal choice but whatever the reason a break away is still a good thing.

I plan to relax, read, knit, walk, eat yummy food and sauna myself silly.

I also enjoy a break from the humdrum - you know ironing, cleaning etc, etc. Paying bills, balancing the budget - all the daily stuff - that just for 5 days can look after itself. Ahhhhh bliss.

Now I have to organize what to take - most importantly what knitting to take - need variety. Mmmmmmmmm socks (of course), my petal shawl and my aran silk top I think - so plain knitting, lace and cables - good mix - don't you agree?

Book wise I have the latest Joanne Harris - Gentleman and Players - which I've saved to take with me and the book of K-Pax incase I finish the other one. I'm packing my Ipod. Just wish M had had the time to convert Jane Eyre (thank you Deb) to MP3 files - but he's been rushed of his tootsies at work, so it's still on his to-do list. Oh well, I have a copy of Emma on there - that will do.

Now, I know you will all miss me most terribly, but chin up and all that, it is just for a few days, I'll be back in a wink!

I'll publish some yarn pR0n b4 I go to get y'all drooling while I'm away.

See you in a week xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Dani said...

Hope you have a splendid time. See you soon...

turtlegirl76 said...

It's this here post that's causing your sidebar to shift. Delete a few of those "e"s in "Wheeeeeeee" at the top and all should shift back to normal.

peri said...

Thank you Turtlegirl - that worked!
But I am excited and when I'm excited I need a big wheeee! :0)