Saturday, January 07, 2006

I just had to post this.

I sitting in the bathroom having a little cogitate when I noticed what looked like shoe tread on the top corner of the bath (?) I then noticed that these went all along the top of the bath rim. Now, these were little treads from the bottom (it appeared) of Spiderman slippers. So when I'd done with my little think etc, I called my DS and asked him why he'd been standing on the bath expecting a logical answer, like "I saw a spider on the ceiling and wanted a closer look." What answer did I get? "I was practicing tight-rope walking as I've decided I want to join the circus when I grow up." Long pause, for my stunned silence, trying very, very hard not to laugh at such a serious idea as this. Anyhoo, a lecture ensured regarding the safety of wet steel baths and glass shower doors, so hopefully this is the one and only time I'll find footprints along the bath rim (I am not holding my breath on this one!!!)

As I sit here typing M is cleaning the bathroom and has now found prints on the loo-seat lid as well - oh well if job is worth doing it's worth doing well. DS is now receiving 2nd lecture from M. I quite honestly expect to find footprints on the ceiling when I lay in the bath tonight. It's those Spiderman slippers, I am sure it!

NB - I don't have any idea why all the sidebar stuff on my blog has shifted (from yesterday) to the bottom - any bloggbrainiacs who can help this Luddite understand what has happened and how to rectify it ...............please post and tell me............please.................please.

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Happy New Year! My sidebar stuff shifts to the bottom any time I post up a picture that is slightly too large in my main blog bit. Looking at your recent pics they all look fine but the Edward Gorey one might be the culprit. Try removing it and seeing if the side bar shifts up again. If it does then you'll know that it was this pic which was too large for the side bar to go alongside it. Ta ta for now. Hxxx