Monday, January 02, 2006

It's the Snew year.................Yawn.

Hippy, hoppy, happy 2006 to one and all.

We had fun. M had a birthday - which was a total blast. J has been inflicted with Dr Whoitus - and me.....well I've been calm, happy and relaxed.....................YES I HAVE!!!!!!!! No stress here.

I have been knitting - finished my Irish Hiking Scarf, Mil's Coronet and Voodoo wristwarmers, M's sockies, J's sockies and almost my sockies - no photos cos I just couldn't be asked. Am still knitting my full size clap and my petal shawl (mmmmmmm Alpaca) as well as a couple of other bits and bobs.

Ordered some scrummalicious yarn from the sale at Get Knitted including some silk - oh heaven, pet it, pet it.

Am reading .............text books!

Have been playing with J's AstroLogix. (see piccie)

Bought a couple of CD's including the new one by Korn - 'See you on the otherside' which is amazing.

Watched loads of films including 'Bride & Prejudice' which I love and ' I Robot' which is good but I prefer the book.

Have eaten too much but have tempered it with loads of healthy fruit smoothies and veggie juice from our new gadget.

Am back on the wagon - apart from Xmas day have hardly drunk anything and I admit to feeling so much better for it, so I'm now determined to stick with it and become an occasional drinker only.

Looking forward to - the ballet tonight, my favorite 'Sleeping Beauty'. Going away with M for a midweek break....yummy. Starting studying again. The rest of 2006.

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