Thursday, January 26, 2006

Still ill and

drowning in a pool of snot!

OMG I can't remember being this ill for a long time. So ill I can't knit - yes - "I CAN'T KNIT!"

I don't want to do nuffin not nuffin. I did study for a bit yesterday - but it was a struggle.

Food tastes like shit. My ears itch. My head aches. I'm fed up. And I can't even knit - cos my brain is so fuzzy I'll just fuck up whatever I touch. I am not safe to be left alone to do anything.

*wallows a bit longer in pit of eternal self pity and misery*

Go read someone else's drivel for a few days. Normal service will resume as and when.

1 comment:

HazelNutcluster said...

Feel better soon Peri. When I have a stinking cold I console myself by being glad I haven't got gastro-enteritis. Did that help? No? ;)