Saturday, February 18, 2006

Spoilt baby.

Spoilt rotten - that's me. Numero uno - thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes - y'all added to the happiness of my day.

A day which started with my brekkie being brought to me - freshly made pineapple smoothie with hot briochet. Gifties and cards - M's card was so funny I had tears of laughter. J had got me a gorgeous pair of earrings and a bracelet - copper tones - very pretty. My Ma bought me a whole heap of my favourite bodyshop products - I smell so yummy. Big Sis - sung to me down the phone which made me smile. Had a lazy start - lots of post - cups of tea and finishing my book - whilst the M housework fairy whisked about.

I was then presented with a delicious lunch - not too heavy- a light repast (hehe). Then I spent my afternoon buying lots of yummy things with birthday money and being bought numerous other pressies by M - including a platinum ring and earrings *gulp*.

I decided I'd like to have a family meal at home - as had my period and didn't fancy dressing up and hitting the town - though M did offer. He made me an amazing meal - Orkney crab, tiger prawns, wholemeal bread, avocado and salad - all my favourites. We had pink champagne and for puds meringues with fresh raspberries and half fat cream. I waddled up the stairs, replete and happy. We spent a romantic evening (though I did pop into the Knitty chat - cos Yarner (Deb) was in there and I couldn't resist) guzzling fizzy and M then produced strawberries wrapped in white chocolate - I have a drawstring waist on my troos today - because I haven't eaten so much in ages....pig!

The only moment of sadness was when M served up the crab and didn't get his legs clawed to pieces or sung to. I'm sure Buster was with us in spirit.

So pretty much a perfect birthday. And today (I should start on my essay) but I have the house to myself virtually all day and I did no knitting yesterday.....can you see where this is going? I have a bit of extra time to write my essay in. So I intend to read, watch the Olympics and knit today. I should exercise off yesterdays excess....mmmm how many calories does an hours knitting burn? I'll go for a run tomorrow, today I'm feeling uber lazy and have decided to go with how my body feels today.

Hope you all have a good/relaxing/exciting (choose the one that fits) weekend!

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HazelNutcluster said...

Cor, nice presents mate.

Loosen that drawstring now ;)