Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I know another post - OMG like I haven't got other stuff to do, but procrastination rules!

Anyhoo, last night we took J to see the Kodo Drummers at the Dome and it was amazing. M and I last saw them about 15 years ago and the experience was such a good one that we wanted to share it with J. He was amazed that he could feel the drums and that they made so many different sounds. The giant drum D'aiko (sp?) was just 'Wow!' The energy of the performance and the joy of the performers made it a spectacle that I think will stay with him for such a long time. I felt so proud of him as he read the programme and then explained to me about the different pieces of music and also that he recognised the style of Japanese writing on the wagon that supports the giant drum (it's a least 2 years since we looked at Japanese script).

As a home-ed parent I think experiences like these are so important and can often fire an interest in a subject that is self-directed, but beside all that, the enjoyment of sharing this as a family and having J dance along side us as we walked back to the car made of brilliant evening even more special.

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Dani said...

How wonderful - I am v. jealous!

Glad you all had a good time.