Saturday, June 26, 2010

Masham x Shetland

I bought two carded (semi?) batts of this at Woolfest last year. I have finished 2/3 of first batt. It is difficult because my skin dislikes the oils in this fibre and although I love it Shetland fibre/wool doesn't like me much. In the end I broke up the batt and gave it more carding on my hand carders and made rolags. I wanted a thick/thin spin with the odd slub - and that is how it's come out. The above was before washing etc.

The picture below is after soaking in Eucalan for  30+ mins and then dyed with a hard mix of the grape Koolaid (thank you Wibbo). I intentionally made two dye blends, one weaker than the other, it worked and I am happy with the effect.

My hands will need a little recovery before I hand card and spin anymore - this is deffo a long term project.

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Batty said...

So worth the effort! Fluffy and squishy and altogether dreamy.