Friday, November 02, 2007

Just sometimes....

we fight. Not often but when we do it's more than little heated. The other night culminated in such a fight, over goodness knows what really. I was in a nit picking mood and M was defensive and it escalated until neither of us knew what had started it. It was all resolved before we went to sleep - but it was unpleasant, uncomfortable and not a good way to end the day. Even the following morning I felt discombobulated (yay my most favourite word ever).
M came in from work with these wonderful flowers - they are not an apology - nor do they need to be because he had nothing to apologise for - it was a one those type of fights. But it was the kindness of the thought and the gesture itself that cheered me up and really means a lot to me.
They are beautiful flowers, great mix of blooms and colours and every time I've looked at them I've smiled - over the silliness of a late night bickering match and spirit of love that they were given in. I never ever cease to feel lucky that I married a guy who gives a little thought and takes a little time to make me happy so often.

Ok - slush fest over - it's safe - put the bucket away!


Fair isle faerie said...

Id be more worried if you didnt argu !


Batty said...

Beautiful! They say I love you and I thought of you more than they say I'm sorry we had an argument, and you're right, that's what makes them special.