Sunday, December 30, 2007

All together now.....ahhhhhhhh

SIL and her family have a new member.....may I introduce you to Ruby?
Isn't she adorable?
9 week old Border Terrier bitch pup. She's all squonchy and smells of puppy.
I tried to smuggle her home but they wouldn't let me.....meanies.

I love puppies but I don't think Loobles would appreciate one - she's going through her when I am old I will wear purple phase - ergo cantankerous old bag phase! Still Ruby made me go all gooey.


glittrgirl said...

Ruby Ruby Ruby Rubeeeeeeeee


I love Border Terriers. Love them to bits. And Ruby is gorgeous!!!!!!!

Great name too.

They are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute. I love how puppies tummies smell - great for a snorgle, all toasty and milky smelling :D

DeltaDawn said...

OMG what an adorable puppy! Though anything that's all squishy and has that sweet, sweet puppy smell tends to be adorable. Makes me alllllmost rethink getting one ourselves (but no, lifestyle not quite ready to support a dog).

Batty said...

Ooooh, puppy! What a cute, cute dog she is!

Jo said...

Ohhhhh gorgeous, and I'm not a dog person,great socks too! x