Saturday, December 01, 2007

Fings wat I ave been a doing of.

Yarn Harlots - Unoriginal Hat in some sort of chunky black Rowan wool, modelled by the delightful J. Crap photos due to crap light and pissing rain!
Had to adjust pattern to shorten the depth so had to miss out about 8 pattern rows or it would have been down to my nose. But I needed a plain black hat and in 2.5 hours I had one. Wore it last night - it does exactly what it says on the tin!
M cleaned out Boris/Doris, who has a wonderful trait of shitting all over the glass front of the tank. Being arboreal she pops up from her web behind the cork bark (what's she's sitting on in this photo) pokes out her arse and sprays/splatters white goo! She hid whilst the tank was being cleaned and then emerged to inspect from her favourite vantage point.

I have been spinning some wonderful caramel Alpaca fluff - it is so light and airy it truly is fluff not fibre. It's interesting just how wonderful tonal it is and I am loving it.

Am still coughing my lungs up. It's awful (worse than spider poo!) I am fed up and want it to end now - I coughed so hard the other evening I strained my groin. M is coughing too and is getting pretty fed as well.

Am reading a bit, knitting a bit, going out a bit - but am still very weary feeling. So am allowing that to be where I am and am patiently waiting to feel back to normal.

Went out last night - jolly. But was amazed how many houses had the Xmas decorations up - on 30/11 - WTF! Still in Grouch/Ebenezer stage of my Xmas prep - I love the holiday for J's sake but hate the commercialised shit that accompanies it. No cards this year again - but will donate what I'd normally spend on cards/postage to charity - as I did last year. I still send to family and J likes to send some to his friends - but the rest I'd rather spare a few trees and the recycling plant and do good somewhere else.

Am off the brave the world and spread a few germs no doubt - have a restful/fun weekend Peeps.


Batty said...

Boris/Doris is fluffy and adorable, but really needs to learn not to crap on the tank walls. How annoying, all that cleaning.

The hat is very pretty, and black! That adds to the pretty, in my opinion. Now I'm off to dream about camel alpaca fluff. It sounds so soft and squishy.


Kenny was bizarrely keen to get our Xmas tree up this year and I had to force him to wait until 1st december. It seemed very out of character until I realised that the reason he was so keen to get the tree out the cupboard was because he was planning on using the space for his electrician's cable - only the idiot hadn't factored in that the box the christmas tree lives in would still be taking up the space!