Saturday, December 08, 2007

Not more socks!!!

Yep and another craptastic photo too. But at least I'm finishing stuff, which is a good thing. These are 'No-purl Monkey Socks' adapted from Cookies pattern and knitted in Jitterbug. Me thinks that they are destined to be a giftie - but the recipient doesn't often read my blog.

I also finished spinning the caramel coloured Alpaca fluff yesterday and it is in mid ply - it is lovely.

On the needles - Fair Isle mitten-type thingys (gift), handspun silk/merino mittens (poss gift), Lorna's Laces Pomatomous (yes I know I said after pair number 2 - never again but it's been a year and I like to fuck with my own head now and then), 1 scarf in handspun which is beaded and is a slow knit and two stole/shawl type projects. Abandoned until further notice or until some of the above are completed are the ribby cardi and Sahara.

The crochet afghan progresses in tits and farts. (fits and starts in other words).

I wrote the few Xmas cards I am obliged to send today and realised I still need to buy more *sigh* one day I will get it that I don't send any - but the older generation of the family kind of expect it and I'd hate to seem rude or uncaring......see I do have a heart. Plus J hasn't written his ones yet either.

Still coughing but a lot better - hurrah!

Reading.....'An Anthology of Romantic Verse' and a sci-fantasy novel for fluff reading, J is just starting Harry Potter number 4 as well as reading the collection of kids horror stories (9 books worth) that I got for him.

Am looking forward to 1/4 final tonight of Strictly Come Dancing....go Alesha!

Have been listening to a lot of classical music this week - mainly Mozart interspersed with some Podcasts - free audio book Playing for Keeps by Mur Lafferty - (google it!) J and I love this - it's great fun - but has some swearing - otherwise good for kids!


Jo said...

great sockies, and M's look fab too medear!


No purl monkeys? I am intrigued.....